5 Ways Brands Can Use Social Media to Survive the COVID-19 Mayhem: Karishhma Mago

COVID-19 continues to disrupt our communities and the way we traditionally do business. People are now turning to social media more than ever to stay connected and entertained. The playing field has changed in the blink of an eye, and brands have had to adapt quickly to sustain and survive. There is no denying that the current situation has created mayhem for a lot of businesses. Karishhma Mago, the CEO of Digital Nod, explains how brands can navigate through these tough times by leveraging social media. Known as a social media mogul, Karishhma shares her wisdom on how brands can use social media to beat COVID-19 and excel in the future

1. Keep Customers Informed

Brands have had to change how they do business in this climate quickly. We are watching them transition from the physical to the online space – be it fitness studios, educational institutes, or restaurants. Social media can be leveraged to keep your customers informed. Karishhma added, “Whether you’re migrating your business online, offering new services in light of the pandemic, or pivoting your business, it’s essential to keep your customers informed.”

2. Be Responsive

Irrespective of your field of business, social media offers a whole new way to interact with your audience. With a global lockdown in force, and people hauled up at home, businesses and brands need to look for new ways to communicate with their customers. Karishhma added, “Social media offers a plethora of opportunities for businesses to keep in touch. From addressing queries to sharing the latest updates, social media presents an opportunity for your business to evolve.”

3Grow Your Customer Base via Social Media Platforms

With the majority of people at home, businesses have a unique opportunity to advertise effectively. Businesses and brands are investing heavily in advertising via leading social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Karishhma added, “Brands can reach out effectively by running ads on Google Adwords, though it is essential to carefully craft your brand’s communication.” Most leading brands are spending their resources in expanding their reach and building new customers and relationships.

4Ensure That You Are Relevant

It’s a challenging time, and we are all experiencing a bit of media fatigue. Karishhma has a firm opinion that businesses need to share content that offers customers value, especially amidst the pandemic. She adds to this, “Businesses and brands need to ensure that they remain relevant amidst the health crisis. Your content, products, and services need to have relevance to the current situation; else, it would prove counterproductive.” Brands need to understand what customers need and adapt accordingly.

5Be Empathetic as a Business

Brands and businesses can win over their existing customer base and expand it exponentially. The key is to be empathetic. While people are struggling for essentials, medical supplies, and general safety, you need to be empathetic of the situation. Karishhma added, “Rather than hard-selling your existing services, businesses can win over people by helping in a time of difficulty. Small gestures can go a long way.”

Karishhma, through Digital Nod, has been helping brands solve their digital marketing problems since 2014. With a six-figure revenue business, offices in multiple countries, and an efficient team of employees worldwide, Karishhma has faced her fair share of challenges and risen victorious. She explained, “Whether it’s COVID-19 or any other hurdles that one must face, the secret to success lies in our ability to adapt to changing circumstances and evolve as required.” In her view, now is the time for brands to attract new followers, keep their spirits high, and gain customer loyalty that is likely to last a lifetime.

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