5 Ways COVID-19 Can Negatively Impact Your Company Or Business By Marcus Debaise

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has a massive impact on the global economy. But the main question is how the COVID-19 or pandemic will impact your company or business?

The seriousness of pandemic is too crucial to avoid. Some industries experienced huge losses due to the coronavirus pandemic. The airline world faced a $29 billion loss while some other small businesses are forced to quit due to less demand for products. Other businesses such as travel agencies or restaurants are experiencing major losses.

However, the world is slowly adapting to the new reality, says Marcus Debaise. So, as a business owner, you must be prepared for the negative impact of COVID-19 on your business.

In this article, we will discuss 5 ways COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic can impact your business.

  • Shortage of Labors

Workers are massively affected by the pandemic, where some of them chose to stay at home while others are forced. In some countries, the self-isolation protocol is very strict. In other regions, the government suggested workers not break the self-isolation protocol by working in non-essential industries. This can affect your company in many ways.

To minimize the damage, you can identify the best workers to rely on. Additionally, you can also create short-term labor resources waiting list.

  • Shortage of Supplies

You might be aware of the lockdown scenarios in Italy, Spin, or China. They have set an example of a situation where the whole country goes into full lockdown or isolation. China is one of the most important countries in the world to supply antibiotics. Due to the lockdown, China was unable to deliver antibiotic supplies which created massive shortness of medicine in many countries.

To avoid that situation, you can overstock the medicines as well as take the alternative supplies of the medicines.

  • Shortage of Demands

Depending on the market and the industry, you may experience shortness in demands. If you own a restaurant, then the demand for restaurants will be reduced along with the demand for supplies. During the pandemic, it’ll be hard for you to gather necessary supplies such as butter, meat, and milk, says Marcus Debaise.

However, this situation is not entirely unavoidable. You can cook basic foods or you can also stock up raw materials for future use.

  •  Government Policies

The Food and Drug Administration, which is the highest authority in the United States in medicine and food safety, announced that they will prohibit inspections of foreign manufacturers and foods. The decision might impact the quality of the foreign raw materials. Other governments have already restricted non-essential activities. They have also set restrictions on the imported good and products.

As the government policies update regularly, try to visit their official website to understand the situation.

  • Lower Standards of Biosecurity

In present days, the implementation of biosecurity has enhanced quite a bit. However, there are some tiny infringements and undoubtedly the number will grow in the time of crisis. It’s highly unlikely for people to go through motions if supervision is less strict, the workforce is reduced and the pressure on the financial system is high. This will trigger fatal risks for mankind. The workers will try to avoid their work due to reduced personnel and supervision. This can massively affect the growth as well as the revenue of your company.

As the owner, you must tighten the biosecurity protocols. Additionally, don’t forget to check the protocols twice or thrice a week.


These are the 5 ways the COVID-19 pandemic can affect your business. While the negatives effects of the pandemic are massive, there are also positive effects. Due to lockdown, you’ll travel less than your usual schedule which will ultimately save you some money.

There’s no assurance when the coronavirus will be annihilated. But many countries have successfully developed vaccines that can fight against coronavirus. And remember just because your business experienced some backlashes due to COVID-19, doesn’t mean it won’t shine again. You just have to be patient while creating some marvelous business strategies.


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