5 Ways France Toll-Free Numbers Can Benefit Your Business

France is a business-friendly country with one of the largest markets in Europe (and the 6th largest economy in the world!). 

It’s a popular tourist destination too – attracting more than 85 million visitors every year which contributes to almost 10% of the country’s GDP – and has expanded its policies to continue appealing to foreign investors.

If you’ve always wanted to do business in this country, but aren’t ready to up sticks and move abroad, it’s worth setting up a toll-free number in France. At least this way, you can establish a local presence – taking calls from French customers – without having to relocate your business.

What are France toll-free numbers?

Put simply, a France toll-free number is a dedicated phone line that allows callers in France to make contact with your business without being charged.

These numbers are widely recognised in France as being free to call and typically start at 0800 or 0805.

But the best bit is, having one of these numbers allocated to your business allows you to manage your calls from anywhere, and any mobile, landline, or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

How do they work?

Toll-free numbers have helped millions of small start-ups and large established businesses to communicate with their customers.

When callers dial a toll-free number in France, the call will be automatically forwarded to a landline, mobile or call centre at a different location, and they won’t be charged. Instead, you pick up the bill – giving both existing and potential clients the incentive to contact your company.

With a France toll-free number, you needn’t worry about missing out on important business opportunities or your customers not being able to get hold of you whilst you’re on the move either. You simply choose which device calls are routed to.

How can your business benefit?

There are lots of ways France toll-free numbers can benefit your business – and the fact that customers and prospects can call you for free is certainly one of them.

Let’s take a look at the key reasons why you should consider getting one of these numbers:

  1. Give your business credibility – having an 0800 or 0805 number assigned to your business indicates that you’re established and professional.
  2. Opportunity to test the French market for your products and services before you relocate there.
  3. Provide your French customers with a reliable channel of communication, encouraging them to get in touch.
  4. Improve customer satisfaction – knowing that they can call you with any questions or queries, without being charged international rates, is great from a customer’s perspective. It also means that complaints can be dealt with effectively and can help your company to build long-term relationships with clients. 
  5. Toll-free numbers are portable so you can route calls to anywhere and any device. But more importantly, once you own the number, it’s yours to keep so you can use the same number even if you relocate or change providers.

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