5 Ways To Build Genuine Connections As A Teen Entrepreneur in 2021

Connections are everything. One phone call, friend list, or relationship can put you light years ahead of others in the business world. This digital era we are living in has made connecting with potential clients drastically easier. 

Here are five ways to build genuine connections as a teen entrepreneur in 2021.


Although Clubhouse is fairly new, it is already topping charts due to extremely valuable conversations. If you can find an invite on the platform, I highly recommend you join some smaller rooms with professionals in your industries to network, connect and see where you can add value.

Offer Free Value 

Speaking of value, it’s everything when it comes to making a legitimate connection. There are a whole lot of people doing what you are doing out there. What sets you apart is who you know and how well you can pitch your services.

Be Authentic 

Authenticity drives longevity. Once people know you are authentic, you will build a long-lasting relationship in which you can help each other out in various ways. Always seek to find what makes you special amid multitudes. This is your selling point. Once you are showing your true self, you are much more likely to make valuable connections.

Help Them Solve a Problem 

Problem-solving is one of the most valuable skills in the business world. Not everyone has excellent problem-solving skills. With your problem-solving abilities, you could be the go-to guy everyone is looking for within your industry. 

Ask Genuine Questions 

The best way to learn is to ask questions. Asking genuine questions to newly introduced friends, colleagues, and even competitors will help form a more authentic relationship. Finding a mentor is also a great way to establish a long-lasting friend who will answer your questions and set you on the right path for success.

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