5 Ways to Contribute to Your Favorite Charitable Causes

There are many different ways to contribute to charitable organizations. We discuss five in this article.

Having a generous attitude has become ingrained in our daily lives by purchasing, participating in activities, working in the workplace, and holidays.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have. You and your family can extend your positive spirit from your home to the rest of the world simply by making fun and enjoying life to the fullest.

Many people give to causes that are important to them, not only to help local charities in your area but also to help them and benefit their lives directly. Millions donate to charities daily to help causes they care deeply about while also helping themselves indirectly.

Donating to causes that are important to you can benefit your cause and benefit you as well. Millions of people are giving to charities daily to help causes they believe in and benefit themselves.

Support your favorite charity with a donation.

One dollar makes a difference, and you can contribute on a one-time basis or a monthly basis. Contributing repeatedly will make a difference month after month.

With CanadaHelps, you can set up a monthly contribution, personalize it, and even cancel it online, all from the comfort of your home. You can also receive a single roll-up tax refund for the year at the end of the year, making tax time even simpler.

Monthly donations encourage nonprofits to spend less time fundraising and more time on the important work they do. This means they’re able to focus on their core competencies.

Get your community involved by planning a fundraiser

Your family and friends can participate in virtual fundraisers because you are entering them in solidarity with your ideal cause. Virtual fundraisers are the most convenient way of doing this.

Give a brief outline of the cause and goal for which you are raising money, as well as the estimated timetable for achieving your goals.

This is something Craig Kielburger is often doing, when he is speaking at different events around the world, and through his charitable efforts at WE Charity.

Consider donating your skills and volunteering your time.

Most charities rely on the generosity of volunteers who give up their time. Your effort in sharing your skills and time will allow you to make a meaningful investment in the cause you choose.

Additionally, volunteering leaves a natural sense of pride in making a difference and gives you the feeling of having done good things!

As reported in a recent article on Fidelity, “Entrepreneurs donate 50 percent more than others, volunteer more. Most entrepreneurs plan to give to charity when they exit their businesses”.

Highlights from this same article also included:

  • The median household donation of an entrepreneur is 50 percent higher than others surveyed.
  • Seventy-nine percent of entrepreneurs say that charitable giving is a critical part of who they are, and 47 percent consider themselves philanthropists.
  • Entrepreneurs are twice as likely to prefer new, innovative nonprofits.
  • Sixty-six percent of entrepreneurs volunteer three or more hours per month, compared with 55 percent of other donors.

Taking part in charity gives friends and family motivation.

If you make charitable gifts to your loved ones, they will likely do the same. Your charitable deeds can also inspire your family to support a charitable cause that appeals to everyone.

Family donating builds a bond between members, which is essential for bringing people closer together through a common cause.

Your relatives are still making a difference through their donations. Joining together will improve your efforts even more.

No matter when or where you are giving, it’s all part of the charitable process.

Donate undesired items to a charity.

When your children learn early on that contributions can make a difference in the community, they’ll positively attitude toward charitable giving.

Kids are naturally kind, but in helping them grow up with a stronger appreciation for their possessions and promoting charity, they are likely to continue to help others in the future.

Several charities accept clothing, chairs, books, toys, appliances, and various other items along with the money they receive. Instead of tossing gently used items you no longer value, recycle the items.

Summary of Different Ways to Donate

Donating regularly to charities outside your social circle—whether it is through money, products, or time—is, without doubt, a healthy endeavor.

In addition to being kind, after you are successful, you must also continue to give back. You might even consider paying it forward; regardless, volunteering is an excellent way to give back.


Written by Kristel Staci

Kristel Staci is an entrepreneur and freelance writer that focuses on everything related to social media, online marketing and finance. To see what Kristel is currently working on, you can visit her blog at

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