5 Ways To Save Your Business Energy

In light of the huge energy saving week, we’ve curated some great ways that your business can save both money and energy. For more on company energy saving visit NJ Energy Con. Here are 5 energy savings tips for you to try in your business.

1. Include The Staff

Don’t go it alone. Include your staff. Make it a competition for the entire month to see how many conservation and energy savings ideas your staff can come up with. It’s amazing how quickly your staff will rally to be the top contributor to energy savings.

2. You Get What You Pay For

Know what is what on your energy bill. If you don’t understand your bill, call and ask someone to explain it to you. The more you understand, the more you can monitor your meter and take your own meter readings. You’ll also be able to learn what makes your meter go up and determine what you should and shouldn’t be doing to keep your meter reading lower. This is also important if you’re trying to be the most cost-efficient on your heating or cooling system.

3. Little Changes

Little changes make a huge impact on your energy savings. You don’t have to make a huge dramatic change in an effort to save money. watch your bill and focus on how just a few simple changes make a huge impact.

4. Kick Your Savings Up With An Energy Audit

If you’re trying to kick your energy savings up, even more, consider an energy audit. An energy audit will help to give you a complete review and you’ll get some great suggestions on how you can save even more.

5. Consider Which Energy Solutions Best Suit Your Business

We offer a number of energy solution ideas. All of our solutions are clearly designed to assist you in reducing your energy consumption and costs. We help to protect you from grid disruption as well as to generate more revenue. Our Response team can help you to lower your energy usage and improve your return on investment. The market demands are high and we’re here to assist you in generating more revenue while lowering your cost of energy at your business.

Following these 5 guidelines can greatly reduce your business’s energy consumption.

Installation of new LEDs which consume 20% less electricity over the former fluorescent lights.

Electric Vehicle or EV reduces the amount of carbon thus saving money.

Installing our solar panels rooftop to help generate our own power and reduce our cost and reliance on the grid.

Installing an energy storage unit to aid our offices in charging Electric vehicles and ebikes.

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