6 Best Ways to Market Your Home Construction Business

Marketing a new construction company against established companies can be a challenge. That’s why you need to find an experienced construction marketing agency that can help you find the strengths in your company and highlight them in your promotions.

This way, you will establish a solid reputation that will attract new and repeat business. To help you breakthrough in this competitive industry, here are six battle-tested ways you can use to market a new construction company;

Optimize your construction business website

The first thing People looking for construction services do is to search for construction companies online. This means that companies that rank high on search engines are likely to be picked by new customers as they seem trustworthy.

That’s why it is vital to have an optimized website for your construction company. By optimized website, we mean a mobile-responsive website and one that instils trust in your target audience.

A good construction marketing firm can help you create an optimized website that will rank on the first page of Google for specific keywords.

Establish a social media presence

More and more people are turning to online platforms to look for more information on companies they want to work with. This means having a solid social media presence is a must-have if you’re going to attract new customers in the construction industry,

Social media offers a platform where you can post testimonials of the people you have worked with and also showcase recent projects you have done.

As a construction company, make sure to post pictures of your past sites and architectural designs for various projects to showcase your expertise.

Also, use social media pages to drive traffic to your website for purposes of conversions.

Create helpful videos

Videos have become the most preferred way of consuming information by online audiences, which is why you need to create helpful videos showcasing your past work or even tips for planning construction projects.

By having informative and promotional videos, you will showcase your expertise and encourage customers to hire you.

Claim and optimize your GMB listing

When it comes to marketing a local construction company, Google My Business listing is a must-use marketing tactic. When people search for construction companies in your area, Google shows a local 3-pack on the top of the search result page. This local 3-pack has information on the most optimized GMB listings of construction businesses, including their name, map, and rating.

If your company shows up in this local 3-pack, you will have more chances of landing deals as more target audiences will visit your site from your GMB listing. To optimize your GMB listing, select a category for your company and list your business name, contact information, operating hours, address, and other relevant information.

Send email newsletters

Email marketing is another effective marketing technique that construction companies can use to promote their business.

Encourage people to sign up to your email list and nurture them by sending out informative emails. For efficiency, use email marketing software.

Run targeted ads

Creating ads that highlight your strengths is another cost-effective way of marketing your construction business. Google Ads allows you to place ads on websites and search engine result pages. You can reach a targeted audience by running ads that promote your construction business.


The above methods and strategies are battle-tested and can help bring business to your construction company. If you find it hard to execute the above marketing methods, you can hire an experienced marketing firm to help you market your company.

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