6 Features of Privacywall That Might Make Your Life Easier

Search engines have become the easiest and fastest way for most people to do everything from finding nearby businesses and services, locating friends on social media, or finding doctors. But this free service comes with a price: your privacy. Just because they don’t charge you to use their product doesn’t mean they’re not making money.

Their business models rely on something incredibly lucrative: Your personal data. Whenever you type search terms into one of these mainstream search engines, they collect data including your IP address, location, what you searched for, which results you clicked on, and more. They then sell this personal information to third parties and use it to create targeted ads.

The best way to keep your private information out of the hands of third-party sources is to use a private search engine. One such search engine is PrivacyWall. Privacy-focused tools are the most user-friendly on the internet. This is because by protecting their users’ information, rather than using it against them, they empower users to decide for themselves what happens with their data. PrivacyWall is doing just that and people all over the world should consider changing their search engine to a more secure one.

Compared to other search engines, PrivacyWall is better and comes with a lot of benefits and features. These features include: PrivacyWall does not share anything with third-party sources. It has a user-friendly interface and will not disturb you by popping up ads all the time. It comes with a PrivateView option that keeps you in a secured environment without exploiting your personal data. PrivacyWall is in fact the best private search engine you will ever come across.

PrivacyWall is the only search engine that offers premium customer support powered by humans to all customers. PrivacyWall’s Privacy Champions are ready to help and are known for their friendly and excellent customer service. They have achieved the highest customer satisfaction rating and net promoter score (NPS) by JD Power and Associates.

PrivacyWall can be installed as your default search engine on Firefox, Chrome, Mac and can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It is quite easy to install and can be done using a few quick steps. Here’s a guide:

Mozilla Firefox:

To install PrivacyWall on Mozilla Firefox, you can use the following link Firefox Extension and copy-paste it on Firefox’s search tab. The Firefox ADD-ONS tab will open and click to “+Add to Firefox” to add PrivacyWall. Now, you can easily use this for your searches.

Google Chrome:

To install it on Chrome, you can click on the following link Chrome Extension or paste it on your Chrome browser. You can click on “Add to Chrome” and PrivacyWall will be added to your extensions. It is as simple as that.

Mac Extension :

If you have a Mac, you can install PrivacyWall from the Mac App Store. Just use the following link Mac Extension, which will open the Mac App Store and you can directly install it from there.

Android App:

You can also install PrivacyWall on your android smartphones for a safer environment. Just use this link Google Play Extension or search for “PrivacyWall” on the Google Play Store App.

Over 100,000 people use PrivacyWall every day. Users and fans of PrivacyWall like to call PrivacyWall the #UnSearchEngine. They are proud to be focused on their mission to protect consumer privacy as they are in supporting their communities. Unlike any other search engines who are only focused on making a profit, PrivacyWall encourages every Privacy Champion to devote 20% of their time to an initiative that makes a positive impact on the world. It is the PrivacyWall 20% pledge. Their motto is Be #Different. PrivacyWall is empowering users to just be themselves. The company has also given back to the society by donating to causes such as World Central Kitchen, FeedingAmerica. PrivacyWall also took an initiative to conduct Twitter Toy Drop to help spread a little joy on Christmas.

The Editors of Influencive have selected PrivacyWall as the Editor’s Choice Award for Best Private Search Engine for 2021!

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