6 Features of WordPress you Might not Know About

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With so many options at your fingertips, it can be challenging to fully persuade yourself to research each one. Moreover, it can be particularly difficult to get into if you already have a functional site up and running that doesn’t appear to need any further work. That’s why we’ve put together this handy list of 6 of our favorite lesser-known WordPress features!

Reading this guide will give you some great tips on how to understand the ins and outs of using WordPress and drive more traffic to your site, increase your conversion rates, and optimize your site for SEO. We’ll cover a little of everything, from fast-editing tricks to installable site plugins.

1. Quick Edit

No matter what you are using your WordPress site for, the chances are good that you post some form of regular content. Whether you post articles, blogs, or other content, you’ve most likely encountered the need to do some light editing from time to time. Unfortunately, opening up the entire post and scrolling through to find specific areas that need editing can be pretty tedious.

You can perform a ‘quick edit’ by hovering over the Post that needs changing. This is the most convenient way to change categories, tags, titles, and other publishing information.

2. SEO Plugins

There are several quality options when it comes time to choose your SEO plugin for your site. One of the best available is the Ahrefs plugin. This tool will help you improve your site visibility in several ways.

One of Ahref’s most important plugin features for small business owners is researching keywords and monitoring keyword rankings. For example, let’s say your company installs epoxy garage floors. You can use this plugin to research terms and other keywords related to ‘epoxy garage floors’ that you can use to improve your local SEO ranking.

3. Photo Editing

Obviously, WordPress hosts images as well as content. Did you know, however, that WordPress has its own integrated photo editor? Unfortunately, many users of the popular site builder have no idea!

Having built-in photo editing capabilities is a real game-changer for site owners struggling to improve their image quality on their site. Image quality is an essential factor of many aspects of running a site, and this tool will save you hours of work.

4. Sticky Posts

Sticky posts are a trendy but under-utilized feature of the WordPress world. For those who aren’t sure what it is, a sticky post is formatted to remain on your home page or other preferred landing pages for your site to drive traffic. Usually, when you publish a post, it is published in chronological order of your other live posts.

This tool is for posts that you do not want to be buried by newer posts as they are published. When you are in publishing mode, you can find this feature on the right under the edit menu for post visibility.

5. Undo Unwanted Revisions

Optimizing your content can mean frequently revising your posts to see what works for your site. Of course, some things will perform better than others, and when you find that a revision isn’t working out for you, you may wish you’d left it alone. However, thanks to the revision history section found under the Publishing tab; you can put everything back the way it was.

Revision history makes it a lot safer and easier for you to experiment with making minor changes to see how it affects your site. If you don’t like the results of your edits, no harm, no foul.

6. Split Posts

If you keep most of your posts roughly the same length, your viewers will appreciate the consistency. However, some posts tend to run longer than others, especially authority articles.

When you find yourself with an unattractively long post, you can split it into multiple pages to avoid scrolling endlessly. This dramatically improves the readability of your content. If you have posts that you want to split, choose your breakpoints and type <!-nextpage->. Repeat as necessary!

If you’re shopping around for the best site-building experience, you won’t be disappointed with WordPress or the many features that they offer. Whether you blog about birds or run a small business focused on home improvement, WordPress has options that will work for you!

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