6 Qualities of Viral Video Content on YouTube

YouTube is now the second-largest and most visited search engine on the internet. Many marketers nowadays have capitalized on this opportunity to promote products, generate leads, and increase sales through viral videos.

But what does it take to have a viral video? Sponsoring ads can get things going in the right direction and make you popular from the get-go. Even so, not all viral videos get the same level of sharability without spending on a big budget. So, we have identified the six qualities to make video content on YouTube viral and sharable without spending too much on promotion.

Sweet and Snappy

The attention spans of viewers are getting shorter and shorter. You can blame it on the thousands ad variety springing everywhere on YouTube. This means you have to tighten up your video content. Your YouTube ad doesn’t have to be as long as your concept to make it viral.

Most people leave after watching 10 seconds of an entire video clip. By a minute, your videos have already lost a staggering 50 percent of viewers. So make it snappy but sweet. Catch your viewer’s attention by placing your most surprising element at the beginning. Make sure the core message is communicated before viewers skip your video.

Entertaining and Heartwarming 

The concepts of videos have evolved. More people are now taken by videos that can arouse deep feelings. People seek for individuality, uniqueness, and exceptionality. They are on the lookout for something surprising and one-of-a-kind.

In the realm of sharability, video ads that are upbeat and unexpected gain more views than general ones. For example, Adidas and Nike sell the product category, but you know who owns which video because of the character it plays.

So make your videos entertaining while maintaining the right rhythm in accordance with your brand message. Insert realistic conversations, plot twists, and entertaining visual effects. For example, you can create a video that relates to a real-life scenario. Pop in some facts and make it relatable.

Another great example is the video ad for Aura Brush. The first time it was sold online, it didn’t get much attention from the online viewers. A video ad was then made to show to people how to tell if they have bad breath with a guy scraping his tongue, and then he pitches and talks about the Aura Brush.

It was very effective because the video made the viewers realize that anyone can have bad breath, and the ad simply offered the solution to it. The sentiments that your video shows will create a brand character that will be remembered by the viewers.

Timely and Upbeat

Brush up on current events to get ideas of what is trending. You can hook into a popular meme or create a parody ad based on an existing movie. Making your content timely and upbeat increases its value and sharability among different viewers who are already interested in the same topic.

If you speak the same language as your target audience and present the same interest, they are more likely to notice your content. When your content is highly likeable, people will feel compelled to share it throughout their social media channels.

Rhythmic and Coherent

Your video can be funny, emotional, sensational or romantic, but the most important thing is consistency. A charming ad that doesn’t connect with the brand is a piece of scrap. This means the settings, actors, scenes, sound effects, transitions, and footage must lead back to your brand.

Developing the proper rhythm is hard for many marketers. So here’s a tip: take the customer’s viewpoint and imagine viewing your own ad. Does your marketing message sound as if it could belong to your product line? Is it original? The message must be clear and not confusing. It must show the proper rhythm and should make sense without requiring decryption.

A viral video ad has a great rhythmic flow. A great example of rhythm is comedy. If people find your video hilarious but at the same time reflective of your brand, they will stick through it and share it for other people to see.

Valuable and Informative

People are fond of searching for new information. Tips about how to make lives better are the most salable information, so make sure that your video contains interesting content. You can add a catchy headline, powerful image, benefit for the reader, unique advantage, and a call-to-action.

Infomercials, for example, would add a product demonstration, toll-free telephone number, and tips. A typical infomercial has 28 to 58 minutes’ running time. Since you are advertising on YouTube, you can create a 2 to 3-minute video ad and still make it informative.

Another tactic to make your video informative is to curate the best videos for viewers. You can curate videos from influencers and take a similar approach to your own ads. Highlight the essence of your brand, add proper timing, and emphasize why it’s worth buying your product.

Inspiring and Motivational

Highly stimulating videos like the Coca-Cola advertisement can easily catch the attention of viewers, helping you skyrocket to more than 10 million unique page views per month. Viral videos must convey inspiring stories that viewers can share with their groups.

To get the viral edge, look for stories that can inspire your target audience. You can conceptualize on trending stories about overcoming struggles, standing up against bullying, gender equality, and finding success. Viewers are easily moved by inspiring ads. They will want to share your videos if they see or feel something heartrending about it.

Making videos go viral is not a walk in the park. A lot of marketers have gone through ups and downs before making their first big hit. I hope you find these tips to make your YouTube ad go viral. Feel free to apply any of these tips to your video and enjoy your journey to a successful YouTube ad.

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