6 Reasons Why Men Should Purchase Wooden Wedding Bands

As the wedding season is approaching, men who are ready to tie the knot will be making the most important decision of their life, choosing the perfect wedding ring. Of course, the process is stressful but it’ll be worth it in the end. Apart from choosing a ring that is comfortable as well as beautiful, you should also choose a ring that is relevant for both of you. If you want to stay out of the crowd by purchasing an unconventional ring, then wooden wedding rings are perfect for you.

There are plenty of benefits of considering a wooden ring as your engagement band. In this article, we will discuss 6 reasons why men should purchase wooden wedding bands for their special occasion.

They are Durable

Nobody will choose a ring that is not durable and will be damaged over time. Luckily, when you choose a well-constructed wooden wedding ring, you’ll be spared from this tension. Wooden rings are made from organic materials. As per Ruffled, they are extremely durable and perfect to run for a very long time. Jewelers use harder wood to produce wooden rings so that they can withstand breakage, scratches, or bending.

They are Affordably Priced

Unlike other wedding bands, wooden rings are not expensive or overly priced. The elegance and beauty reflect by wooden rings are truly remarkable. You’ll not believe how incredibly affordable they are. Some men don’t prefer to spend thousands of dollars on Epic Wedding Band, but still want a ring that will prove the symbol of his choice. However, the price of wooden wedding bands varies by design or craftsmanship. But, no matter how marvelous the design or crafting is, a wooden ring will always be affordable.

They are Eco-friendly

Most of the wooden rings are made from sustainable wood sources or salvaged woods. This is the main reason why wooden wedding rings are eco-friendly than any other available rings. This helps the environment tremendously. If you love a ring that is ethically sourced, then a wooden ring should be your priority.

The Designs are Attractive

A wooden wedding ring is considered an attractive piece of jewelry. Instead of selecting a ring that is made from common but expensive materials, you can choose a wooden ring. The pattern of the wood is so gorgeous that no other ring can provide that specific kind of beauty. If you’re planning to make your wooden ring more unique, you can include ceramic colors or other metallic inlays.

They Will Save You from Metallic Allergies

As wooden bands are hypoallergenic, they will save you from all kinds of metal allergies. Some people with metal allergies assume that they could never wear any wedding ring without facing any consequences. However, that’s not entirely true. When a guy purchases a wooden ring, he won’t have to worry about any allergies caused by the ring such as itching or rash.

They Are Not Conductive

Wooden wedding rings are not conductive as they don’t contain any metal. So, if you’re a guy who works in an electrical field, a wooden ring is the best choice for you as they are electricity-resistant. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about getting any electrical shocks. This means that you will never have to remove your wedding ring even in the workspace.


These are the 6 benefits of choosing a wooden wedding band for men. The motive behind choosing a wooden wedding band is different depending on the guy. They often search for an attractive, remarkable, and memorable wedding band that will showcase their relationship story. While a metallic ring might fail to tell the story, a warm color wooden wedding band will never disappoint you.


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