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6 Steps to Building a Successful Online Drop Shipping Business in 2019

If you want to get into dropshipping, Cameron Conrad has some advice for you.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Cameron Conrad about how he’s built a successful dropshipping business. In the last 3 years, Cameron Conrad, from Orange County, California, has launched, scaled, automated, and sold multiple eCommerce dropshipping businesses with revenues as high as $22,000 in a day. He founded a new company to provide an all-in-one platform for aspiring and professional dropshippers to learn, interact, and tap into his network of US dropshipping suppliers – with an eLearning area, eCommerce forums, articles by industry veterans, an expert help center, and, of course, their supplier network who provide expedited shipping and private-label capabilities. “We’re currently developing and plan to add additional features such as a rewards program, user-generated content, and payment processing solutions,” says Cameron.

The True Power of Dropshipping

When you dropship, you’re acting as a bridge between consumer and supplier. In order to do that, all you need is a few bucks for hosting, the right knowledge, and Wi-Fi. The true power of dropshipping resides in the ‘ownership and control’ aspect as well as the scalability of the business model. Every day, people are given the power to become owners and build/control true, real-life assets (the actual dropshipping business). Dropshipping is giving people the opportunity to claim their own piece of the multi-trillion dollar eCommerce market. There is no limit to how many feet per day could step into your storefront. Once dropshippers figure out how to take advantage of huge advertising platforms like Facebook or Snapchat, they’re able to drive mass traffic to their online store in the hundreds of thousands in a single day. Cameron says these are the 6 steps to building a successful online drop shipping business

Locate a US Supplier

If you are still dropshipping from overseas and have long shipping times, your business will fail. People won’t tolerate long shipping times and are generally buying something because they want it or need it quickly. If you can adapt to the market place by finding quality US suppliers, you will stand out with your store. It’s important to remember that people want things fast! So, figure out how to get it to them fast.

Determine Products From Said Supplier

Look for products that have passionate audiences behind them. You could sell a t-shirt or you could sell a t-shirt with a puppy on it. Go with the puppy. Being able to find products that have passionate audiences behind them are what will help you create a hot-selling store. People will pay for what they are passionate about because it has a lot of value to them.

Set Up an Online Store

Start by looking at your competitors. Little pro tip: Type your niche or product in Google, hit space, then type This will bring up all your competitors from whom you can take inspiration. From here, you can look at what every one of your competitors is doing. You can see what is already working instead of having to test different methods out all the time.

Drive Traffic to Your Store

A store without traffic is like a Ferrari without an engine! A steady and consistent flow of traffic will be a major key to your online success. How do you achieve this? Put your product and a link to your website’s product page in front of targeted eyeballs. This process is what we call ‘Marketing’. “Personally, I’ve used social media marketing on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat to drive this stream of traffic to my businesses,” says Cameron.

Get Feedback From Your Tests

Be like a scientist. An eCommerce scientist. Everything you do for or in your business is a test. You will need to analyze outcomes and be able to look at the feedback. This feedback will act as your steering wheel for the business. All the social media outlets tend to have analytics you can download to see all of the data related to the account connected. Look at those to determine what your next move is going to be and where you want to start and scale.

Give People What They Want

Would it make sense to show an old lady an advertisement for a gym workout set with 100lb weights? Most likely not. But, it would make sense to show that same advertisement to a jock football player who likes workout pages on Facebook. Figure out what people want, then put it in front of their eyeballs. Especially when you’re doing niche stores. People who are passionate about the items you’re selling will buy, but how can you expect people to buy if the products aren’t put in front of their face?

That wraps up Cameron Conrad‘s tips for dropshipping success, inspired by his experience. You can learn more about his company here.


Written by Trevor Oldham

Trevor isn't your typical 19-year-old. When most other's his age are out partying, Trevor is growing his businesses, Trevor James Products and Become The Lion. He never preferred the life of the average person, always wanting more and to prove people wrong. Shortly after his 19th birthday he received his real estate license and is in the process of finishing his first fiction novel. Trevor see's no dream or goal that is unattainable.

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