6 Tips to Easily Secure Your Business Mobile Phones

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Nowadays, we do more and more work on our smartphones. Since the unexpected pandemic appeared, the number of remote workers grew considerably, so business mobile phones also went up. 

While using a business smartphone can be incredibly beneficial for most companies, we have to acknowledge that this also opens the doors to possible problematic situations. Nobody wants a business phone hacked since this can negatively affect the brand. This is why you should always consider the following tips to secure your business mobile phones. 

Take Advantage Of Central Device Management

This is simply a must that you have to use. Central device management is a third-party application, usually a suite. The best example is the G Suite. 

Because of the use of central management, the business mobile phone becomes more secure since you automatically control the apps that can be installed. Then, you automatically delete data as users leave and some specific features can be restricted. You can even use similar tools on gaming smartphones 0to control the use for underage children. This is how powerful such an app is. 

Enforce The Use Of Lockscreen Protection

All phone access has to be protected with the use of a PIN for the lock screen. This is the very minimum for business phones since it prevents quick access if the device is stolen or lost. Also, the longer PIN codes might be difficult to remember. You can use smartphones that have an integrated fingerprint sensor for that. This is much more secure than the standard PIN. 

Encrypt Smartphone Data

Encryption should be activated on all business smartphones. Then, if the handset ends up stolen or lost, nobody can actually access the data stored because an extra encryption password is added. 

Take Advantage Of VPNs

Set up and actually use a VPN when you connect the remote users to your business. This is important because it creates a secured tunnel that protects traffic from being stolen or snooped on. Unfortunately, the VPN is the most underused security option for business smartphones. Still, it should be mandatory, especially for users who often utilize WiFi hotspots since most are not secured. 

Take Advantage Of The Cloud

Whenever possible, use enterprise service access through cloud connections. This is because data is not stored on the device. It is stored in the cloud. All changes and work are backed up. Your business data stays secure since you only use the mobile device to access the server and not use the data. 

Activate Remote Wipe

No matter what we do and how secure our smartphones are, sometimes the worst scenario happens, and they are stolen or lost. That is why you want to have remote wipe activated on such gadgets. When the remote wipe is activated, an administrator will be able to lock the smartphone completely and even altogether remove all data on it. Then, when the employee quickly announces to the administrator that the smartphone was lost or stolen, the chances of data theft or loss are drastically minimized.

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