6 Tips to Finding Research Paper Sources that Set You Apart

Original research papers have proven to be very hard to get, especially when considering that their legitimacy is highly required by institutions.

Mostly there are some things that students need to know when seeking online study skills and they include the hectic time that a teacher or tutor will have to face when going through all the student’s papers it is unrealistic for a teacher with over 100 students to take their time and go through each student 10 page research paper. It should be considered how many of these papers the teacher will be capable of going through.

Besides being an interesting endeavor on finding out every student’s experience, because there should be some that are fun, it should be considered that on the contrary there are stale ones that could be boring.

Every student desires a good grade, and thus one should try their best to produce a paper that is interesting. Students should be able to produce a research paper that is appealing to the reader, and this is achieved by being unique in their research work. However, it turns out to be daunting they can buy a good research paper from Essaymojo.com, for years now they have been delivering perfect research papers to students across the globe.

There are great ways of getting appealing results, and the best of them all are listed below to make one’s research paper extraordinary from the rest of the students.

1. Wikipedia

In recent times the use of Wikipedia was unheard of, although it is considered best in giving a briefing of the research project that is being done, it should never be quoted. The reason being that Wikipedia can be easily edited by anybody thus the authenticity of the information can be doubted.

Although this is the case, Wikipedia has always been considered to be the most realistic and reliable encyclopedia.

This fact should not be doubted it has been tested and proved to be effective.

There are some factors that push students and essay writers in seeking Wikipedia; the most crucial one is that it highlights the topic that one is tackling and giving the best overview. Wikipedia is known to have wide ideas that aid a writer in their topic, thus broadening their thinking capacity in finding related ideas.

It is always advisable for people to first seek Wikipedia because it places a person on the right track that the topic recommends. However, it should be put into consideration that Wikipedia is known to have information that has been processed for years.

Secondly, the other most important feature of a good research paper is the citation aspect, and here Wikipedia plays the required part in citations. It is known that Wikipedia at most times cities the important sources that one can use in their assignments.

2. Go to the library

The second step is easy, once a person has researched Wikipedia, and seen the kind of sources that should be used, and then one should head to the local or school library.

Having had Wikipedia guidelines it is recommendable for a researcher to seek the guidelines of the library and try out to find the best sources to be used in their research work. It is considered to be hectic but the result that could be found after some visits to the library are recommendable if one knows what sources are required of them in the long run.

3. Add a few secondary resources cited in the article

Any research work could have multiple sources but it is upon the researcher to identify the most authoritative and commanding sources that would create an impact on the research paper being done.

It is probably correct to seek guidance from a dentist on matters that concern dental formulae, because they are best conversant with teeth rather than go to a pediatric.

But on matters that concern the health of a child, it would be very abnormal for one to consult the dentist instead of the pediatric.

The best way for one to identify authoritative sources is by observing the ones that have been widely or mostly used in other sources. The process might be long and time-consuming but when a researcher is on the batch of going through several sources he/she will identify them. One should be conscious of the pattern that shows themselves in several sources and be able to follow them promptly.

In addition to that, it is advisable for one to use Google Scholar. It is the best method to find out how many times the research paper you are using has been cited, and through these data then use the sources that have been highly cited.

4. Follow the trail of citations to primary sources

The next step after one has been able to identify some of the credible sources that back your topic, and then it is upon the researcher to find the sources that support the top sources.

On this part, the uniqueness of a student is key, because it will help them not to be the stale student but different and interesting from others.

While doing this it is recommendable for one to stay as close as possible to the topic and avoid straying off the topic.

While researching the bibliography of Abraham Lincoln, then it is essential for one to look at close things that are associated with him, like the letters he wrote. It is important also to seek people who came close to him like newspaper reporters as one can find an exclusive interview about him.

In addition to this, it is more explicit for a researcher to use videos and audio interviews in research that are recent. One can go the extra mile to even interview a person if they are still alive if they are doing a study about a person.

One would be seen as being very unique if he presented a study concerning a high-ranking government official, as an audio or personal interview. Research work is all about how resourceful and creative one can become.

It is best for a researcher to be curious and be able to snoop around some microfilm to find out some interesting information that could make their research work unique.

5. Mix up your research paper source type

A good researcher takes a step further when looking for sources, and they are not limited to the usual ones that are commonly used. It is important to note that there are other great resources that could be used in making a paper unique and recommendable.

Example of these places that writers should get ideas from are

  • Newspaper articles
  • Letters
  • Private journal or diary entries
  • Scholar journals
  • Edited collections of essays
  • Film, Tv, or video recordings
  • Google books
  • Magazines
  • Personal interviews

6. Get at least one source per page of your research paper

Every institution has its own assignment requirements, thus it is important for a student to take into consideration what is required of him/her. It is recommendable for a person to be able to get a number of resources that guide them in the research paper and if possible for every page written.

Not having enough resources might be crucial and might lead to poor work, and poor research work that is not unique. This might lead to a poor mark in the end result, and henceforth affect the overall performance of a student. Conclusively, once a student masters the above-mentioned tips and is able to retract enough resources for the research work to be unique and recommendable, then they are guaranteed of a better grade than their fellow students.

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