8 Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays, Followers, & Streams in 2020

Trying to make your own place on Spotify is like playing a game of musical chairs: no matter how many chairs there are, there are always more of those who want to have a seat.

This is something that all social media have in common: comfy seats are few, the competition fierce, and you might just be left without a spot. Unless you find a helping hand, of course.

As Spotify represents a sort of a social media for placing your, well, music media, the same rules apply as in other social media platforms: presence is everything and high levels of engagement are a must.

If you garner enough attention, you can start snowballing and eventually stick out above the level of nondescript masses. If you don’t, however, you might just as well be throwing your music down a drainpipe: without an ear to listen to it.

But there are things you can do in order to help your positions a bit. The domino-effect of the social media attention is by now common knowledge, and software algorithms actively favor accounts that already show a promise by having a promising audience.

After all, this is how humans function: our interests are piqued when we notice something that attracts others. Here’s where our topic comes in: a quick boost in your audience can convince both algorithms and people that your content is actually worth their attention.

Your content will start showing up more frequently, and you will automatically attract a broader target audience. See all those big names? They’ve probably undergone the same process.

Speaking of other content creators, the increasing number of users of Spotify growth services indicates that buying Spotify plays, followers, and/or streams perhaps isn’t a choice anymore.

The reality might be that unless you employ growth services, your boosted competition will stomp you out of business. As you can see, the reasons for using these are plenty, and if you’ve just learned about this, you may be a little dumbfounded.

Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays, Followers & Streams

Where do I start? What do I need to do? But do not worry, this list will help you out by giving you the basics of some of the best sites to buy Spotify plays, followers, and streams out there.

Without further ado, here is the list:

1. UseViral – Buy Spotify Plays, Followers & Streams

UseViral - Buy Spotify Plays, Followers & Streams
UseViral – Buy Spotify Plays, Followers & Streams

If you haven’t heard of UseViral, you either don’t use social media or you’ve been living under a rock. UseViral is an outstanding company that has growth service branches in 8+ big social media platforms and has amassed treasure troves of experience in online presences that you can tap into for your own benefit.

As their affiliated partner, you can grow in virtually every relevant social media and thus grow your presence on multiple platforms at the same time!

How does UseViral work? At its core, UseViral is a near-instantaneous deliverer of naturally attracted playlist followers, artist followers, or monthly listeners that can be used to kickstart your content to stardom of Spotify fame.

As we’ve already mentioned, by getting UseViral kickstarting packages you greatly increase your chances of skyrocketing on all the popularity lists and meters that Spotify deals with. Turn the Spotify algorithms into your allies instead of enemies. Turn the Spotify users into your friends instead of competition.

What does UseViral offer? It offers a number of packages that you can choose from to boost your Spotify presence. You can order anywhere from 1000 (for $3) to 50,000 monthly listeners (just $59) in one batch, delivered in 1-2 days.

Another option is getting artist/playlist followers, from 500 to 10,000 with prices going $10-$89. Or you can combine from these packages for a fully customized bundle of presence boost.

However, one thing that UseViral provides that is perhaps more important than the huge numbers delivered in such a fast manner is safety and reliability. 

They do not ask for personal details. They provide 24/7 customer assistance. They guarantee the quality of their services and deal with complaints by replacing the potentially inactive followers with fresh ones. They are by far the top place to buy Spotify plays, followers and/or streams from.

Do you see now why UseViral is among the top of the social media boosting industry?

2. SidesMedia


When you are trying to get your Spotify plays off the ground, and you need a reliable, reputable company that’s going to make a real difference, then you need to call on SidesMedia.

Not only have these guys been in the business for quite a while, but they have managed to build up such a good reputation, but they are now the number one trusted source when it comes to your social media networking.

This means that they can help you on other sites as well, including Instagram and Facebook. Their Spotify engagement can be delivered to you within just 72 hours, and they say that their number one priority when it comes to their clients is to help them get more exposure for their brand.

We honestly can’t think of a better company to suggest for you when it comes to your Spotify plays.

3. SocialViral

SocialViral - Spotify

SocialViral’s motto is “fast, affordable & genuine”, and we can wholeheartedly stick with that without a doubt!

The guys behind SocialViral count among those masters of social media that have spread out to several different social media names in order to enhance the social media experience for a vast number of users. Whether for business or casual Spotify use, they can do wonders for your digital media presence.

“Fast” comes in the speed and agility of delivering their services. How quickly do you think you can get 1000 plays? What would be a reasonable time of response and delivery for the boost service? Imagine the answer and remember it.

Okay, are you ready? SocialViral delivers the first results in 12 hours. Jaw-dropping, are we right? Don’t be fooled by the somewhat cliche wording–SocialViral’s “fast” translates to lightning-fast. 

“Affordable” means that SocialViral cares about your business in several ways. For example, they know that besides Spotify you’re probably growing your presence on other platforms. Even if not, a business doesn’t run on thin air and requires assets that you’re preparing to give away to boost the Spotify audience (and you’re dreading the number that will pop out on your screen).

So that’s why Spotify is affordable and promises reliable delivery for only $5.99 per 1000 plays, or $1.49 for 50 followers. Do we have to mention that buying bigger packages saves even more of your money? Now that is affordable for you.

“Genuine” is at the heart of the whole SocialViral project. No fake bots or spam services have been used in growing the profiles of their customers, ever. They offer only one hundred percent real followers that are active and will actively contribute to your engagement rate.

Not only is their product genuine, but their service as well, which is confirmed by the fact that their customer service is always there for you. Also, their work is always transparent, which fosters trust between them and their customer base. After all, those flattering reviews haven’t been written by themselves!

4. Media Mister

Media Mister - Spotify

Media Mister goes a step further in offering Spotify engagement services and goes lengths to provide deals that your typical Spotify followers sites do not. In other words, their social media presence covers more than 20 social media platforms!

We can only imagine the amount of expertise required to run a business over such a large area so smoothly.

With them, your music can be heard across a plethora of platforms as you grow your brand across the horizons of the Internet. Besides that, they trump their competition by providing superb quality of service for less than the average price.

That they value continuous relationships with their satisfied clients is supported by the fact that their services cover small business in addition to corporate giants, and the favorable reviews prove that as well.

To show that their services bear no risk of suspension or account termination, they provide an astonishing 30-days money-back guarantee! As they say, they get the job done as promised or you don’t pay them a penny.

As for Spotify services, they even add Spotify saves into their available features. When you buy Spotify plays or other engagement from them, your order will be personalized as you pick the origin location of your followers/plays/saves, and you can even target a specific point of your content that they can focus on.

Media Mister? More like Media Master, if you catch our drift. 

5. Followersup

Followersup Spotify

This site offers a boost in your Spotify plays, followers and listens with a twist – you are not buying a fixed amount of engagement, you get a scale on which you yourself determine how much you get when you get, where you get, and how soon you get it.

The support you can obtain from Followersup comes in 5 formats: playlist plays, playlist followers, regular followers, single plays, and monthly listeners. This wide selection allows targeted growth of all Spotify metrics simultaneously, which looks natural to both the algorithm and the regular Joe that stumbles upon your content.

Oh, and did we say that the people behind Followersup offer a LIFETIME warranty on the quality of their service? This is the ultimate insurance policy out there, and it does wonders to the popularity of this sleek website.

They haven’t squandered it but used it to build up their reputation, which got them on this list in the first place. Go check them out!

6. Stream Digic

Stream Digic Spotify

Stream Digic knows Spotify. Of course, their software knowledge is substantial, but we mean something else. Stream Digic feels Spotify. They approach Spotify as it is; a cloud-based platform for storing and sharing music from various artists, regardless of their genre, location, ethnicity, culture…

The only thing that matters for artists on Spotify is their presence and the engagement that people are willing to provide to the work of the artist.

And yes, Stream Digic crew can get you both presence and engagement. As marketing and digital promotion goes, they boast a diverse portfolio of experts and digital artists themselves. This ensures that their network is filled to the brim with relevant followers and engagers that will not be a burden, but an asset.

Due to a network of experts that spans the whole world, they have professionals at their disposal (which means your disposal) across all time zones, around the clock, 24/7!

Premium content that they provide accounts for:

  • Spotify Plays starting at $9.90 for 1,000 plays
  • Spotify Playlist Plays starting at $54.90 for 10,000 plays
  • Spotify followers starting at $6.90 for 100 followers

7. Viralyft

Viralyft Spotify

Next up on our list of places to buy Spotify plays, streams and followers from is Viralyft. Viralyft will literally infect Spotify users with your content if you pick them as your service providers.

What Viralyft does, it does excellent. The choice between buying Spotify followers and Spotify plays perhaps seems somewhat basic, but the service related to providing these is awesome. 

First of all, it fulfills your order fast. You won’t have to be hopping around biting your nails while waiting for your delivery: you can rest assured that the Viralyft personnel will deliver, and will do it quickly.

Apart from that, the prices that they charge are very affordable. They won’t bleed your budget dry, nor will they cut corners for their economic service costs. In a straightforward fashion, they offer excellent cost-efficiency ratio.

Finally, they uphold the safety and reliability of their service. Your Spotify won’t get banned or restricted in any way; your personal data will never be asked from you, apart from account name or even just your song’s URL. In addition to all this, they use a secure SSL encryption to safeguard your digital finances and credit card.

8. Venium

Venium Spotify

Last but not least on our list of sites to buy Spotify plays, streams and followers from is Venium. Social media boosting runs through the veins of Venium, one of the top new contenders to the market of the Spotify growth industry.

The goal of their work is to drive an increase of several magnitudes in your account’s traffic. As a business, they know that higher ROI means the world to everyone who seeks an economic gain, and small business the most of the bunch.

For those reasons, they specialize in making Spotify new users go big in a short time.

And not just any traffic, for that matter. Venium knows that misguided boosting results in a disinclined audience that is very unlikely to provide any engagement; it will do its best in order to deliver your songs to willing ears, as well as those who can be considered your potential fans.

If you decide to buy Spotify plays from Venium, you will be offered three basic packages: Buy Spotify plays, followers, and monthly listeners. The pricing goes like this: $4.99 per 1,000 plays, $4.49 per 1,000 followers, and $3.99 per 1,000 followers. Of course, you can change the number of the desired service, as they offer full customizability.

As a cherry on the top, Venium boasts of instant starts to your delivery, and you can track the progress with their neat little Live Tracking tool.

We approve!

Final Thoughts

Now you know the secret of success for the trending names of Spotify. Be assured that, at a certain point in their Spotify careers, most of the great names there employed the service of these sites, or sites similar to these.

You no longer have to wonder how they do it. The time you spent on such musings you can now spend on thinking about starting your own Spotify career. Focus on your content, and leave the marketing to these brilliant teams.

Good luck with conquering Spotify!

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