7 Guidelines on how to use Instagram to Promote Your Brand

First, the internet came, and now smartphones are continuing to develop at an alarming rate. Many people are accessing the internet through mobile devices with more visual and photographic engagement. Instagram has amassed many users and has become one of the most popular mobile social media platforms on the internet.

Content creators and bloggers should focus on the power of Instagram in growing their brands. The platform has a huge audience to offer when it comes to boosting your marketing efforts. For starters, you can increase Instagram likes with Leoboost and give your account a more attractive look. Many users are attracted to posts with at least several likes and comments.

How Brands can get the most out of Instagram

The following are seven ways of how brands and bloggers can fully utilize Instagram features in their marketing efforts and content creation:

  • Have a Great Instagram Profile Image

Most of the engagement generated from Instagram is through images and videos. To keep up with your competitors’ stiff competition, you need to post high-quality images, clips, and videos.

Your profile picture should be a priority. It is the first thing everyone sees when users visit your Instagram profile. It should be attractive and of high quality and engaging and make a good representation of your brand. You can visit the Leoboost website for information on how to spice up your ig profile.

  • Include Videos in Your Instagram Feed

Do you want to leave your audience always wondering what type of content you may post next? Then start posting videos to your Instagram feed, which will introduce a new type of content to your audience in an engaging way. 

The platform allows you to post videos that are between 3 seconds and 1-minute long to your feed. Short videos anywhere between 25 and 36 seconds are the best and most preferred. Most users do not spend a lot of time watching videos; hence they might not complete one that lasts 1 minute. If you decide to post a long video, integrate new content in the mix to make it more entertaining.

  • Engage and Respond to Comments

Some users spend their time on Instagram watching videos and looking at pictures. However, some actively comment on various posts hoping for a response. A response from a popular celebrity or influencer can mean a lot to an individual. It can change their entire perception of that person or brand.

Brands and bloggers should make a habit of engaging with the audience. They feel more recognized and can develop loyalty towards a brand. It is not only advised on Instagram but all social media platforms.

  • Use Free Giveaways to Spice Things Up

With over one billion active users every month, Instagram creates the perfect opportunity for getting exposure or user engagement and gaining more likes in exchange for a giveaway. Some of them are simple requests such as following your ig account or liking and leaving a comment on your latest post.

Whichever method you choose to use, it will have a positive impact on your brand’s awareness. You can use applications such as Eastpromos, Shortstack, Woobox, and many others that can help you manage how you hold competitions and run sweepstakes and giveaways.

  • Focus on Your Instagram Follower Growth

Your follower’s overall growth towards your reach is vital in all social media platforms. You should, therefore, always aim to raise your count. You can achieve this by ensuring that all your other social media platforms can follow you on ig. You can also market your account by sharing your Instagram link through newsletters or emails you may send out to your audience.

Gaining likes on your posts and status updates is equally as important as your follower count. A status update with more likes has higher chances of being seen and liked by other ig users out there. Some of the top ig accounts in the fashion industry have millions and thousands of users.

  • Use the Most Popular Hashtags in Your Posts

Every social media platform has a particular way to connect with others and increase how content is being seen. On Instagram, it is all about the use of the hashtag. It is mainly used in relevance to a particular ongoing trend or a hit on the internet.

You can find most users and even celebrities, including almost twenty hashtags within a single post. However, hashtags need to be used strategically. Try and ensure that you use popular hashtags with relevant content in order to get more likes when uploading new posts. Overuse may also appear spammy and a burden to your audience.

  • Make Use of Instagram’s BIO Link Feature

Some social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow you to include a link within your posts to promote your content. Instagram is more about sharing photos and videos on its platform and generating user engagement.

The only way to use Instagram to get your followers to click away from the platform is through using the bio link feature on your account profile. You can make it more efficient by providing an engaging text or call to action. You can use this as a URL to direct visitors to different web pages, not just your main website.

Instagram has an audience for that particular product or service you are trying to promote. They are searching for your content in great numbers. It is, therefore, up to you to follow the guidelines above to grow a following. Despite it making it a bit difficult to direct visitors to different web pages, Instagram can still do wonders in marketing your brand.

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