7 Things Every Nomadic Entrepreneur Needs to Travel With

7 Things Every Nomadic Entrepreneur Needs To Travel With

We human-beings… we were born to travel.

We evolved by adventuring to new lands and discovering everything this planet has to offer. We didn’t stay in one place and accept we couldn’t roam like many animals do.

We spread out and covered the globe, and these days it’s easier than ever to explore the world and experience new cultures.

In the last year, I’ve visited 21 countries. I hate the idea of staying in one place for too long, and I’m not the only one because I’m part of a nomadic community of entrepreneurs who travel the world and earn more money than they ever could have dreamed of, sat back at home in some cubicle.

Maybe you’re a nomadic entrepreneur yourself.

Or maybe you follow people online, wishing you could do the same.

Well here’s the deal… You Can!

It’s easier than ever, and if you travel with these 7 essential items — whether you go on a one-month escape or a five-year expedition — you’ll remain productive, healthy, and connected at all times.


1: World Adapters

Whether you earn money using your laptop, phone, or camera, a nomadic entrepreneur needs to charge up their devices on a daily basis.

We use up a lot of juice doing what we do, and although it’s usually easy to access the grid, whether you have the right plug is another question…

This is where a world adapter comes in, because you never know when you’ll have to top up your devices, so get yourself an adaptor with a variety of options and you’ll never have to worry no matter where you go in the world.


2: Unlocked iPhone

I’m travelling with a friend at the moment, a fellow nomadic entrepreneur.

We both have an iPhone, and we both love to use it for work and play.

Well, we landed in Italy recently, and she had trouble getting hers to work. Mine worked fine because it’s an unlocked iPhone, meaning I can buy a local SIM card and use it no matter what country I visit.

But Jules… her iPhone only works with AT&T, meaning she was stuck using those crazy-high roaming rates.

So do yourself a favour before you set off on your travels, because as a nomadic entrepreneur you need your phone, but unless it works in each country, it’s pretty useless.


3: Wifi Speed Test App

I don’t realize how much I rely on Wifi until I go somewhere where there isn’t any (or it’s so slow that I can’t even load my Instagram feed). It’s a nightmare, so one of the first things I do when I travel somewhere new is open up my Wifi Speed Test app and see what sort of connection I have.

I know, I get it… a true millennial first-world problem.

But I make my money online, and as a nomadic entrepreneur, I imagine you’re the same. You need Wifi, and it helps to know what situation you’re in before you open your laptop.


4: Portable USB Charger (with at least two outlets)

You may sense a trend here that I rely on my phone a lot…

Well, I do. My phone helps me make money, and for every minute I’m without it, I’m losing $17.

So a charged phone is a big deal, plus you’re a traveller… you never know when your next Kodak moment will arrive. So trust me when I say, you NEED a portable USB charger that tops up your phone and other accessories quickly.

I recommend a charger with at least TWO USB outlets, because having a spare outlet makes you very popular among your fellow nomadic entrepreneurs… after all, they face the same first-world problems.


5: Google Maps

I LOVE my iPhone, but I’m not a fan of the ‘Maps’ app.

When I’m somewhere like the USA or UK, it works fine. But I’ve found the Google Maps app gives you way better results internationally.


6: Hard Shell Suitcase

I love my nomadic lifestyle, but living out of a suitcase isn’t easy. In fact, when I speak to other nomadic entrepreneurs, they say one their biggest ‘pains’ is having to pull their suitcase around airports, new cities, and in-and-out of cars.

You cannot avoid this, but you can make your life A LOT easier with a hard-shell suitcase with 4 wheels (so you can carry it alongside you without having to bend down).

It is a true lifesaver, and there are some beautiful suitcases out there to match your brand, style, and personality. So although you may think any suitcase will do, trust me…  this is not the case.


7: Oil of Oregano & Activated Charcoal

So far, these essentials have focussed on keeping you safe and productive, but really, the most important thing while you travel is to stay healthy and fit.

There are a million vitamins and herbal remedies you can take, but I’ve found these two are essential:

  • Oil of Oregano
  • Activated Charcoal


Drinking oil of oregano is like taking a flu shot, it’s so powerful. And activated charcoal helps you with an upset stomach (which is a big problem when you constantly introduce new foods into your diet).

I never travel without either of these, and they have both helped me stay fit and productive, no matter what country, climate, or situation I’m in.


That’s It… 7 Essentials Every Nomadic Entrepreneur Should Travel With

I’ve learned how important all these are having lived the nomadic lifestyle for the last 13 years.

I hope they help you optimize your own travels, whether it’s a quick getaway or a worldwide adventure.

And I’d love to hear about your own travelling essentials, as well as getting to know you better. So if you want to stay in touch and follow my latest travels, check me out on Instagram where I share A LOT of stories, tips, and hacks.

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