7 Tips For Creating A Business Page On Facebook

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Taking advantage of the potential of social networks can be a differentiator in promoting your brand. Facebook is one of the leading social networks, with more than 1.4 billion monthly active users worldwide.

To take advantage of the global trend, many direct selling companies started to invest in pages and profiles to get closer to their target audience and leverage their operations. But, given so many brands present on social networks, how to stand out and attract more consumers?

Check out some tips to create a fan page and explore the internet’s potential to complement your company’s practices:

  1. Set goals

Work your brand, create campaigns, give discounts and advertise according to the identified needs of your target audience. The most important thing is that the company determines strategies to achieve a return for the business, always with the support of its reseller network.

  1. Publish regularly

To generate public engagement with the brand, it is necessary to establish the periodicity of publications. Organize posts and use Facebook’s own resources to ensure impact and efficiency, such as scheduling and monitoring.

  1. Invest in tools and resources

Exploring all the social network functionalities is essential to increase the audience’s interactions with your brand. Bet on interactive content with photos and videos to present tutorials, new products, instructions, and more to engage people and encourage them to interact with your business.

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  1. Publicize exclusive offers

Investing in the dissemination of specific actions, promotions and exclusive conditions is a strategy to increase consumer engagement on the page. Based on good shopping experiences, consumers begin to follow the brand’s news and feel free to share the services provided by your company with others.

  1. Celebrate milestones

There are several ways to connect with your customers, one of which is through the dissemination of the company’s achievements and news, in which it is possible to involve followers daily, thus forming a network in which everyone celebrates the achievements of the company. brand.

  1. Connect with other social networks

In a scenario where consumers are connected to all social networks, it is essential to act not only on Facebook but also on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and others. This way, your customer can connect with you on the social network they prefer.

  1. Evaluate the results

More than creating the page and posting regularly, you need to measure the results to know if your work is in the right direction. Use Facebook’s administrative dashboard and analyze whether the data presented is following your goals. Also explore the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the page and the numbers of likes, comments, and shares of publications.

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