7 Tips For Healthy Periods Everyone Should Know

Periods and happiness are two things we can’t have side by side. Well, how can someone be happy while bloating and bleeding? Periods can make anyone feel irritated and down and it’s a normal phenomenon for millions of women around the globe. Of course, you can blame your hormones for your irritable mood and low level of energy.

Premenstrual syndrome and period’s pain

Unfortunately, the trouble begins even before the periods arrive. Yes, referring to PMS (premenstrual syndrome) the physical, psychological and emotional trauma begins before the periods come. Characterized by mood swings, irritability and depression, your periods tell that they are coming.

Periods can be painful for some women and others, they are just part of the routine with no peculiar changes. Though, the periods are as unique as women themselves are. It’s not only about feeling low but the physical pain can be quite draining for you. However, gynecologists might help to remake periods more manageable with certain treatment options.

How to have happy periods?

Here are a few tips that can make your periods happy and healthy and can make you feel more energetic and natural towards yourselves.

1. Do some workout

It is generally considered that women need to avoid intense physical activity and the fact is that many of the women are unable to bear even the mild physical activity when they are on their periods.

However, working out on your periods might help you to relieve the period’s pain. From improving blood flow to managing to bloat, workout during periods offers several benefits. Though if you are not habitual of working out in your periods you can start with the mildest activity and see how your body reacts to it.

2. Limiting your caffeine consumption

Caffeine consumption is known for its ability to boost energy levels making you mentally alert. Other than that, caffeine consumption can also significantly affect the level of serotonin hormone in our body that is known as a mood booster. If you already intake coffee, make sure you are not exceeding one or two cups per day to keep yourself active and energetic during your periods.

3. Stick to the healthy diet

Cravings are a part of the menstrual cycle and many females find it an excuse to eat unhealthily. However, just because you are on your periods, your body’s requirement of nutritionally adequate food doesn’t go away.

So no matter how badly you want unhealthy foods during your period, you shouldn’t change your dietary habits completely. Eating nutritionally adequate food will keep your body energized and make you feel better.  

4. Have more magnesium

A common cause of feeling exhausted during your periods is the unstoppable cramps that feel like someone is drilling a hole in your belly. You can make your cramps better by eating magnesium-rich foods.

Magnesium in the diet can help to relax the muscles as well as it is an effective way to beat fatigue, eventually boosting our mood and making us feel happier. Some of the magnesium-rich foods include bananas, nuts, whole grains and leafy green vegetables that can be added to your diet.

5. Put on a heating pad or take a hot shower

The role of heating treatment for pain relief can’t be denied, similar is the case with your period’s pain. As already discussed, period pain can be unbearable for many and the right way to get it treated is through heat therapy. You can use a heating pad and keep it for immediate relief. Further, a hot shower can also help to relieve the period’s pain.

6. Keep yourself hydrated

One of the common reasons why your body doesn’t feel good during periods is dehydration. Consciously or unconsciously, you make your body deprived of water. Drinking enough water can help to boost your mood as well as it can also help to keep you energized.

Moreover, another way water can benefit your body is by suppressing the craving as well as improving your ability to focus. So, don’t make your periods an excuse to compromise your hydration levels.

7. Use the right sanitary products and maintain your hygiene

When you are on your periods, choosing sanitary products can be a tough thing to do. Having so many available options in the market can leave you wondering which one you should go after.

Remember, whether tampons, pads or menstrual cups are in demand, the best-suited sanitary products are a matter of personal choice. So, choose the products that you find more comfortable with and ensure that your hygiene isn’t compromised.

Bottom Line!

Periods can be troubling, both physically and mentally. However, making the right choices on your foods, daily habits and sanitary products can make your periods happy and healthy. Remember, unbearable periods of pain could be an indicator of an underlying medical condition that needs to be immediately addressed so, consulting your gynaecologist could be the best thing to do.

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