7 Tips to Manage Your Shopify Website Properly

Shopify stores are the cornerstone for small business’ e-commerce. Launching a Shopify store takes effort, and all that effort shouldn’t go to waste. Once you have set up your store, it is of utmost importance that you must manage your website effectively. So, here are nine tips for managing your Shopify website properly.

Add the most appropriate or chosen sales channel

Just relying on your Shopify website channel isn’t going to cut it. People tend to be more trusting if you have multiple social channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Just having those social channels isn’t enough. These channels need to be active, communicating with your buyers and providing online support.

Have a pleasant checkout experience

When people add products to their cart, you must display all the necessary information so that they don’t have to search for the product page again to check for information. Please give them the option to review or revise the order before it goes to the payment gateway.

Have a thoroughly debugged payment gateway

No one likes to get stuck at the payment gateway. It isn’t very pleasant because your money is deducted, but your order isn’t confirmed. Use popular and trustworthy payment channels like PayPal. Ensure that you send an order confirmation link to the buyer’s phone number or email, or both. This gives the buyer peace of mind.

Prepare a standard page

Have a separate page to introduce buyers to your company and your products. All the information on this page must be legit, and it informs the user of all the necessary details. Your contact info such as phone number, email, and social links should be visible and easily accessible.

Have an order fulfillment system in place

Shipping plays a vital role in any e-commerce business. If you don’t have a proper shipping system in place, most of your buyers will not consider buying from you. Order fulfillment system includes storage, packing, tracking, and shipping. If you cannot get this done by yourself, you can outsource the service to Transaction Heroes fulfillment centre. An E-commerce fulfillment partner can help you take care of packaging, picking up, labeling, and dropping off the product.

Regularly update your product data

It is possible that some of your products are out of stock or discontinued. There is a need to update such product data regularly. This avoids confusion in the minds of your buyers and your fulfillment partner too.

Conduct a thorough audit

Several apps come with the setting up of your Shopify store. You don’t have to install all the apps in the starting. As you scale your business, you need to install essential apps to make your Shopify store more efficient.

Sometimes you might miss essential details about your contact information, address, and product information. It is important to conduct a content audit to spot these mistakes and correct them. There are high chances that you might make minor mistakes like grammar, spelling, broken links, or outdated information. Take your time to periodically conduct an audit to make your Shopify store look more professional.

Shopify stores are usually easy to manage by a person or two. The real challenge lies in order fulfillment. You must carry out your order fulfillment professionally and without any hiccups. It is always better to involve an order fulfillment partner to do the needful.

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