7 Tricks on How to Create a Unique Coworking Space

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For every major city that strives to work and function according to modern technological and digital aspirations, coworking spaces are a must-have. Many business beginners, but also experienced ones, see creating coworking space as a great way to make good or extra money. 

Coworking spaces are large shared offices where multiple people work, either independently or as employees of the same firm. They are also synonymous with the association of the IT industry as a place where people who need a computer and a good internet connection work. 

Over time, the coworking spaces business has evolved, so it’s not just offices, but hot-spot business communities from different niches. A place where beginners and doyens work, gather, and exchange ideas, knowledge, and experiences.

There is no doubt that they are very useful and popular and that in many coworking spaces they see a simple business idea that is easy to implement. However, the competition is growing every day. 

Coworking spaces are often not just spaces but fusion and mosaic rooms of different purposes. From the additional gym, kitchen, different types of rooms for relaxation plus a special and carefully blended design and layout of all the details. 

It may seem like it all costs a lot, but the essence is in creativity. If you are planning to open a coworking space soon, we bring you 7 simple tricks on how to create a unique coworking space.

1.To start: choose a location wisely

Remember that the basic purpose of coworking space is work. This first and foremost means finding the right location. To choose the best one, research the market, that is, ask where there is a lack of coworking space and whether there is enough demand to make it pay off in the end.

However, not everything is in market demand either. Sometimes you have to make people aware of the need for something. This applies to both large and small cities and even villages. It is important to know that space doesn’t need to be in an ultra-modern and contemporary building. 

You can rent old buildings or just a part of them. It is a great start and inspiration to be creative, and at the same time, it will be cheaper.

Remember that the basics are the most important. 

Parking, easy to find, good internet, privacy, and tidiness.

2. DIY and eco-friendly design

There are so many different coworking spaces on the market and the owners of some have invested a lot of money in the design and storytelling through the design.

But it’s not all about money and expensive brands. 

There are so many tutorials on YouTube that can help you paint pictures yourself or take photos and hang them on the coworking space wall. You can learn everything on the Internet, including which and how many colors to use so as not to further tire the users of the space.

You can use well-preserved used furniture or renovate it yourself with a little paint. The DIY creative process can be a lot of fun and you can learn so much. For example, to further save, but also to encourage users to social responsibility – let your coworking space be eco-friendly. Use furniture and equipment from recycled materials, which you can also make yourself. 

It’s a great concept and fits well with industrial design.

3. Design and complete the concept

Before you embark on the concrete realization of a coworking space, make sure you plan everything well. That means putting everything down on paper, what and how you want, and how to fit it all into your budget. 

Neal Taparia, CEO of Spider Solitaire Challenge often says that the key to success lies in preparation and organisation.

 “Design your story in detail, what and how you want to tell your customers, how you will stand out from the competition and attract customers. And probably the most important thing: Determine your target group. Who will be your customers, professionals, beginners, beginners, or business elite?”

If your business is going to be working remotely, ensure that your coworking space has the right virtual infrastructure to support employees. 

Based on a plan, create both a design and a marketing strategy. Make sure it’s all one beautiful and rounded story, without a lot of inexperienced wandering. You will probably have to make compromises, but what is a business without a little difficulty and risk ?!

4. Make a quality website

Regardless of whether your budget is limited or not, listen to our advice and don’t skimp on creating a website. They are older than social networks and be sure that every potential user of your coworking space first checks you online.

The site must be loaded quickly with a presented mission and idea. Make the landing page simple but effective, with a clear application form. Follow the latest website design trends to make it look sleek and modern. 

On the site, highlight all the important information, working hours, address and map, what you offer from the equipment, and additional content.

You can also add a blog section that you will update regularly and share with your community via the newsletter.

Work on customer support as well. Let users see that you care that they work well and carefree in your coworking space. Having the best call center software will make things easy for you and helps in delivering exceptional customer support. 

Use AdSense and introduce online payments. Reply to emails regularly. There is nothing better than up-to-date answers.

5. Attract and retain customers by creating unique offers

From time to time you can offer regular customers free benefits. For example, for those who use coworking space for more than three months, surprise them with free days or reduce their membership fee by 10-20% for one month. 

You can also introduce a happy hour when you can treat members to snacks, coffee, or juices for free.

If you have some additional content, such as a big meeting office or gym, allow the most loyal users to use it for free from time to time. 

It is important, of course, not to go into the red. Find balance and your members will feel privileged and attract new people.

6.Offer a daycare

Many parents of young children who work have a guilty conscience because of this. But at the same time, they need money to provide their children with a better future.

If you can organize a daycare as part of your coworking space, parents would be infinitely grateful.

They would have the opportunity to visit the child during breaks and be always close to him. At the same time, they would focus better on work, and everyone would be happy.

7. Allow users to personalize their coworking space

People like to leave a mark in the space they live in. It’s probably an evolutionary need. We all know that classic offices are also decorated with diplomas, medals, photographs, plants or table sculptures, and other small things. 

People like to adapt the space to themselves and their taste. Allow them to personalize their corner within the coworking space by hanging posters or photos of family or pets, the details that mean something to them, and encourage them to do so. They will feel more strongly as part of the community and will thank you with loyalty.


Coworking spaces are all about communities. It is important to feel comfortable while working there. They will focus better and have better performance. 

Keep this in mind as you design your coworking space.

An additional tip is to rent coworking space to some social organizations that do not have their own offices. You can invite them yourself and organize themed evenings from art, science, or similar.

If you have a clear vision, the possibilities to create a unique coworking space are endless. The effort and work as well as helping the community eventually pays off.

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