7 Ways To Live A Life On Fire

During the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing, studying, researching and learning from some of the world’s greatest visionaries, entrepreneurs, and titans of industry. When you spend a certain amount of time knee deep in research, you start to notice common trends which transcend niches and industries. In this post, I’ll share seven practices, rituals, routines, and habits of the greats, allowing for deeper fulfillment, a grounded sense of purpose, a zest and enthusiasm for life and so much more.

The truth is, you don’t need to wait to do these things. You can get started today, and watch your world expand.

1. Express Gratitude

Starting your day with gratitude will allow you to focus on what you do have, what is going right, and how blessed you already are. Since what we focus on expands, this practice becomes essential to having an incredible, fulfilled day. As Dean Graziosi, NY Times Bestselling author, entrepreneur and author of the book, Millionaire Success Habits says:

“Lower the bar on gratitude. Make it as simple as waking up for another day, or the softness of your sheets.”

2. Start Slow

In a non-stop world, there is nothing more addicting than checking the latest tweet, social media post or email. Yet, when we do these in the morning, we spike our cortisol. Worst of all, we start our day on someone else’s terms, not our own.

Instead, create a morning ritual that gives you space, calm and perspective. James Altucher, the entrepreneur, and author of, Choose Yourself, has a four step practice he relies on that has changed his life. This practice covers the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms.

3. Expand Your Mind

Tom Bilyeu, former CEO of Quest Nutrition and now host of Impact Theory has a sign in his office that says it all:

Ideas in, ideas out.

When we consume information designed to empower us and make us think deeper, bigger and bolder, we start our day with enthusiasm and what’s possible, instead of what’s missing. On my podcast, I teach people to study every single day, extract a core lesson, explain how they’re going to integrate it, and then teach it to someone else.

4. Answer the One Question

For entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs, focus is incredibly rare and valuable. Many times it’s easy to get caught up in the urgent, yet not important work and putting out fires. One of the key themes of the most successful is their tenacity with both clarity and focus—and letting nothing get in the way of either. This can be achieved by simply answering the “focusing” question from the brilliant book by Gary Keller, The One Thing:

What’s the one Thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

5. Delegate, Automate or Delete

If I had you list out all the tasks you do on a given week  you’d be shocked to find how much time you spend doing things that truly don’t move the needle of your business. Furthermore, you’re likely doing tasks that don’t inspire you and aren’t in your core competency, taking you away from delivering more value to the marketplace.

Dr. John Demartini talks about the power of delegation:

Focus your efforts at working on that which is most meaningful and important to you. You harness your greatest resource of energy for providing service to others.

6. Do More of What You Love

When people ask me how I get so inspired on a consistent basis and how they can do the same, I simply say:

Wake up 20 minutes earlier tomorrow and do one thing you absolutely love.

It doesn’t matter if that’s writing, playing, singing, sprinting, walking in nature, reading, studying or anything in between, what matters is it nourishes your soul. One of the main benefits of doing this is we start to dig deeper into what makes us feel alive, which leaves clues for what our passion and purpose may be.

7. Encourage Others

In my first book, UnResolution,  I detailed a daily habit system to start the day on fire and fill our cup of fulfillment before we do anything else. One of the practices that most often glossed over is the simple act of lifting others up.

We never know who is having a terrible day, going through a break-up or divorce, or simply not feeling it. The simple act of a smile and a compliment, a text message of encouragement to a new business owner or simply telling someone how much they inspire us can change their entire day, and ours.

Start Today

The biggest difference standing between you and some of the world’s most successful people is not some massive skill or Jedi mind trick. It’s simply a set of routines and habits which allow them to be more fulfilled and achieve more on a daily basis. By incorporating the above, you’ll be ahead of the curve and love every minute of your personal journey. To learn more about how to create and integrate the above, listen to the Resist Average Academy, a top rated podcast designed to help you live a life on fire.

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