8 Financial Career Paths That Can Be Pursued and Performed 100% Online

If you’ve always had a knack for taking care of your own finances or managing business funds, you could turn that skill into a stable career path with a bit of formal education. While you might be more interested in launching your own million-dollar companies, everyone has to start somewhere, and it’s always wise to have a backup career in place regardless of which path you decide on. Of course, having the ability to work from anywhere there’s an internet connection will make it easier for you to also focus on your own business endeavours in your spare time, as you won’t won’t have to commute to and from a specific location on work days. If you’re looking for work-from-home finance jobs, check out the following list of the top financial career paths that can be pursued and performed 100% online:

1. Accounting

Since accounting is a process that’s typically done through digital software these days, it’s easier than ever to land remote accounting jobs. Furthermore, major colleges like Boston-based Suffolk University offer fully online accounting courses that provide access to their prestigious faculty and industry-led coursework, so you can study for an online masters in accounting in Boston while sitting on your couch in New York, for example. The ability to access the curriculum and degree programs of leading schools remotely makes remote accounting most appealing financial career paths for students who are aspiring towards having an internet-based job.

2. Financial Writer

If you’re a decent writer and researcher, you could turn that skill into a lucrative career as a financial writer. Technically, you don’t need a degree of any kind to perform this job, but an advanced knowledge of personal or corporate finance and economics would certainly help to improve the quality of your work and the kind of clients you’re able to attract. If you do want to earn a degree to give yourself a solid foundation as a financial writer, you can find plenty of fully online writing and finance courses to get you started.

3. Day Trader

Day trading isn’t for everyone and it isn’t always easy, but it’s certainly a doable form of full-time employment that involves finances and lets you work from anywhere. While it’s always wise to have a backup career or other source of income to supplement your day trading efforts, if you’re able to become a skilled trader, you could make a very decent living at it. There are plenty of training courses and resources that you can use to develop your skills in your spare time.

4. Financial Planner

Helping individuals and companies plan their financial decisions is a job that can be performed remotely because you’re usually just creating and sharing fiscal documents such as income reports, bank statements, tax returns, etc. You can take an online course to become accredited as a certified financial planer (CFP). However, before you can become accredited, you’ll need to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting from an online university.

5. Tax Advisor

The career road map to becoming a professional tax advisor involves taking online courses to learn important tax-related topics like governmental regulations, estate tax laws, corporation formation processes, and retirement plans. With a solid understanding of all the concerns that most people have regarding their taxes, you can provide remote tax advisory services as a freelancer or as a remote employee for an established tax firm. Generally, online universities will provide taxation curriculum within their accounting degree programs, so the path to becoming an accountant and tax specialist can done concurrently.

6. Accounts Receivable Clerk

The minimal requirement to land a job as an accounts receivable clerk is a high school diploma or general equivalency degree (GED). However, many companies prefer to hire candidates who have completed a collegiate accounting program, such as a 2-year bachelor’s degree in accounting. As an accounts receivable clerk, you’ll be responsible for ensuring the collection of payments for your employer, which will involve sending out bill statements/reminders, keeping the company’s accounting system up to date at all times, and facilitating routine bank deposits.

7. Bookkeeper

Financial bookkeepers can operate from home or anywhere there’s an internet connection because the job only involves using bookkeeping software and sharing reports. Many of these positions will only require you to have a high school diploma or GED. While a degree in accounting would certainly make you a more eligible candidate for bookkeeping jobs, it may also make you seem overqualified to many prospective employers. Alternatively, you can take an online bookkeeping course and become certified within just a few months. Since every company needs at least one bookkeeper, this is one of those professions that’s always in high demand.

8. Financial Analyst

You can become a financial analyst with a variety of educational credentials, including a degree in business administration, economics, finance, accounting, or statistics. Since analytical software can be used anywhere, this is an ideal work-from-home job for anyone who enjoys analyzing finances. In this position, you’ll be analyzing company budgets and fiscal reports to help provide useful insight that your employer can use to improve their bottom line. For example, you might help oversee the management of a company investment portfolio by analyzing the stock market, or you could help increase the efficiency of marketing efforts by determining which methods have been the most cost-effective.

Working From Home Is a Widely Available Option for Finance Professionals

Anyone who holds a basic degree or certification in any of the aforementioned fields will find that there are thousands of jobs available to them at any given time. Additionally, you’ll have the option of working as an independent freelancer for greater flexibility or a salaried employee for a more stable form of income. You could also do a bit of freelancing on the side while still holding a steady position as well. Ultimately, regardless of which financial career path you settle on, you should have no problem finding a work-from-home position that pays well.

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