8 Ways My Dog Has Made Me More Successful

Most of the time people attribute success to intelligence, connections, resources, being productive, hustling, opportunity meets preparedness, so on and so forth.

But for me, one of the things that have made me more successful (in all aspects) is my four legged canine companion.

Having the right dog is like having the right romantic partner. They help you better yourself in many ways, including becoming more successful.

How My Dog Has Made Me More Successful

1. I Am Physically Healthier

You need energy to be successful.

Dog walks are an easy way to improve your health. A dog walk doesn’t have to be a boring thing that only benefits your dog. You can turn walks into runs or intense games as you and your dog’s fitness levels improve.

Take your dog for a walk regularly and use it as an excuse to get your cardio in. Especially here in the Southern California heat, you can get substantial exercise out of it and break a nice sweat.

2. My Stress Is Reduced

Aside from my partner and family, I don’t know anyone that is always as excited to see me as my dog. I can leave for 5 minutes and come back in, and it’s like I’ve been gone for years. He’s full of joy and is always able to bring a smile to my face.

Especially in the puppy stage, he just melts my heart and puppy kisses the stress away. He loves unconditionally and isn’t afraid to show it at any time.

3. My Schedule and Productivity Has Improved

If I forget to feed my dog in the morning or evening, he certainly lets me know about it. That goes for walk time, bed time, and pretty much every other time.

He is the equivalent of a personal alarm clock following me around reminding me when it’s time to do certain things.

And when he reminds me that it’s breakfast time for him, that also means it’s breakfast time for me.

4. I Am More Responsible and Accountable

I am accountable for my dog. He doesn’t go out and pick up his own food at the grocery store or go hunt down his own food. That’s my job.

There is lots of accountability and responsibility that comes along with having a dog. I can’t just forget about him and do my own thing. He relies on me heavily.

Increased accountability and responsibility translate into other areas of my life. I find myself being much more responsible and accountable for myself and my business.

5. More Effective When I Work from Home

Having a dog around makes working from home a real treat, no pun intended. Regardless if anyone else is around too, my pup can help break up the monotony of the day. Going for a dog walk gives me a great excuse to go and take a break.

Most people take far too few breaks in a day and end up overworking and wearing themselves out. Take more breaks and play with the pup or go for a walk. My dog will certainly remind me when its time for a walk or time to play.

6. I Have a Free Shrink at My Disposal

If I find myself heated about something and know that I probably should keep my mouth shut, but can’t, then I’ll talk to my dog.

As weird as it may sound, it works.

Your dog can pick up on your energy based on your tone, body language, and even smell. Sometimes my dog comes over and licks me if I’m sad, or backs off if I appear angry. It’s a great reminder that your body language, tone, and energy play a huge role in how you are perceived.

7. Improves My Emotional State

We all know that we create our own happiness, but come on. When my dog gives me a big hug and kiss after a long day, I’m just happier.

And when he gets to play at the park, go for a long walk, or has play time—that adorable smile on his face brings so much joy to me as well.

8. Makes Me Work Harder

Dogs need many things that cost money. Food, veterinary visits, vaccines, toys, chewies, grooming, leashes, collars, cute outfits (that’s required right?) so on and so forth. And someone has to pay for these.

It makes me work harder knowing that I have to support my little guy. Besides the Hollywood dog school or maybe an Instagram account, he’s probably not going to be generating an income anytime soon.

Getting a dog is probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

He improves my social life, creates something else to bond with my partner, family and friends over and has made me more successful.

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