8roke Makes It Work No Matter What

8roke, a Miami by way of the Boogie Down Bronx, NY producer, and entrepreneur jumped on my radar with the recent release of “Feels Good” which is not surprisingly quite the feel-good record (and a well-received one that’s starting to work its way around the blog circuit).

Enjoying the record and the very subject of feeling good being at a premium during a pandemic that’s been trying for everyone is what inspired me to reach out to Brandon Rogers aka 8roke to discuss how he navigated the pandemic as a musician and an accomplished businessman (Rogers owns Custom Autoworks Automotive Center, essentially Florida’s equivalent of West Coast Customs).

8roke acknowledged that he expected hard times when the pandemic hit, especially because a portion of his income comes from music and none of us really knew how the industry landscape was going to look at that point.

  1. His concern was compounded by “essential businesses” being the only ones allowed to stay open and then further complicated by the idea that he didn’t think people would be seeking out work on their vehicles if they were staying home.

Fortunately, our resilience as a country showed its face and many people across the nation found a way to continue to generate an income, surprising Rogers when telling him that less running around meant it actually felt like the perfect time to work on their vehicles.

He said his car and bike businesses are the best they’ve ever been which kept his spirits high and allowed him to continue to focus on his art. 8roke also came to a crucial realization shared by many independent artists: Multiple revenue streams (often beyond music) are needed to stay afloat and to continue to create in a meaningful fashion.

After speaking with him, I’m happy to know 8roke still “Feels Good” (distributed courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment’s The Orchard) at the end of the day. His love for music was propelled further from jamming out while working on cars which is something else he thoroughly enjoys and presents a dope, natural synergy.

That genuine joy finds its way into his production and those positive vibes, entrepreneurial spirit, and the idea of putting high frequencies into the universe and manifesting them all make for an artist that will continue to elevate with dope mood music, finding a way to thrive no matter the conditions.

Pressure makes diamonds, and 8roke is a diamond in the rough that is going to find his way into the music industry spotlight sooner rather than later. Check out his music and give him a follow.

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