9 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes (Real and Instant)

9 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes (Real and Instant)

As such, users made a lot of fuss about it until it reached a point where it started affecting people’s self-esteem, ego, and mental health.

Eventually, Instagram decided to stop showing how many likes posts have generated. And that was the death of the likes buzz.

Naturally, someone might ask, since Instagram no longer shows likes on the counter, why to bother buying likes then; after all, nobody will see it.

Well, hidden or not, likes are still a crucial part of Instagram. And even today, it’s claimed they are more critical than when we had them on the counter.

How is that so? You wonder.

Because likes are now a “very important ranking factor” on Instagram! And you also need to aware which sites useful to grow organic Instagram followers and which not.

Analyzing the Importance of Instagram Likes

If I may ask you, how do you think Instagram arranges posts in your feed? By “time of publishing”, right? Well, that’s technically correct. But would you believe it if I told you they also consider the amount of engagement (likes, comments, shares, etc.) each post gets, too? Yes, they do! And that’s why you probably see more celebrity/brand photos and videos in your feed than you see your friends and family.

The job of Instagram is to serve its users the best and the most entertaining content from the people they’re following. But since you probably follow so many people, it’s impossible to serve you all the content from all the people you follow.

So, what they do is that they identify the posts from people you’re following that other users have interacted with the most, and then pop this post in your face along with other random ones.

The same approach is adopted in curating the posts on your Instagram Explore Page.

What does this mean for account owners?

The meaning of all this is that the more engagement (likes) you get on your posts, the higher your chances of convincing the Instagram algorithm to rank your posts higher in viewers’ feeds.

Only when you rank high in viewers’ feeds will people see you because it’s been proven that Instagram users don’t check the posts at the bottom of their feeds.

So you see, getting lots of likes on your posts is a MUST! How you now get those likes is what we’re about to show you.

Where to buy Instagram likes

The fastest way to get likes for Instagram posts is to buy them. You can technically buy 50 likes, 100 likes, 500 likes, or even a thousand likes.

As long as the likes come from real people, the Instagram algorithm won’t detect any foul play and ultimately rank your posts accordingly in viewers’ feeds and explore pages.

Emphasis on the “real people” part of the last sentence. If you’re buying likes, you need to ensure they’re coming from actual humans and not bots. Otherwise, Instagram may flag your posts.

In the next few frames of this post, we’re going to show you where you can buy real Instagram likes from actual people.

9 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes (Real and Instant)

  1. Stormlikes.net
  2. Likes.io
  3. Social Viral
  4. Growthoid
  5. Famoid
  6. Venium
  7. Getviral
  8. Viralyft
  9. Buzzoid


stormlikes.net image

You can guess what Stormlikes is all about from their name – they “storm your IG” with “likes”. When you buy any of their Instagram likes package, your posts get bombarded with likes instantly (I mean, seconds after your order).

All their packages come from real, active Instagrammers – i.e., people like you and I – with profile pictures and app usage history. You don’t get a bot of fake likes from Stormlikes, only purely real Instagram likes.

Once the likes arrive on your page, the Instagram algorithm spots them like any regular likes and rewards your account accordingly with exposure and higher feed rankings.

What’s more?

Stormlikes’ packages come in a one-time plan or subscription plans. The one-time plan means you get your order delivered to you in just one fell swoop, and that’s all. But with the customized subscription plans, you can get a regular delivery of likes on your page. For someone looking for long-term growth on their page, customized subscription plans are better than one-time purchases because that will ensure your posts never run out of engagement.

Finally, Stormlikes makes it possible for users to purchase targeted likes – i.e., likes from anywhere you want. Remember, not everyone wants likes from the U.S. or U.K. only; some prefer to get likes from Africa, Asia, or Europe.

Irrespective of where you want your likes to come from and from what gender you prefer, Stormlikes has the resources to make your wish come true.


Likes.io website

Just as the name implies, Likes.io is all about Instagram likes. Although they sell followers, views, and other IG promotional packages, it’s their likes package that catches the eye the most.

If you like to get real and instant likes from actual human beings on your posts, buying Instagram likes from Likes.io is a no-brainer. As boldly written on their website, Likes.io is in the business of delivering strictly high-quality likes from active profiles to give clients the Instagram credibility and exposure they desire.

Another exciting thing about Likes.io’s service is their auto likes packages.

What is auto likes? Someone might quip. Well, auto likes are exactly what it sounds likes – automatic likes. When you buy auto likes from Likes.io, it means you wish to send likes to your latest posts automatically.

This kind of package is suitable for anyone who doesn’t want to keep coming back to the likes.io website to buy likes every time they make a new post. With auto likes, once your posts go live, you automatically get likes from real people instantly.

On a final note, Likes.io offers reasonable and fair pricing. One can get as many as 100 likes for just $6.99; 50 likes for $3.49; 1,000 likes for $24.99; 2,500 likes for $45.99; 5,000 likes for $74.99; and 10,000 likes for $124.99.

Social Viral

Social Viral is one of the oldest names in the industry of Instagram followers, likes, and views. The company has been selling real and instant likes for as long as anyone can remember.

If they’ve been around for this long, then that can only mean one thing – that they know exactly what they are doing, and people are happy with their service.

It is claimed they have one of the fastest services around, with one user even going as far as describing their service as “lightning-fast”. When you purchase Instagram likes from Social Viral, your order processing starts right away, and in no time at all, you’ll start getting likes notification alerts on your phone.

Social Viral is one of the cheapest you’ll find in the industry. They offer as many as 100 likes for just $2.97 and 500 likes for just $6.99. If you want up to 1000 likes, you can get that for $12.89. And if you’ll like to go as high as 10,000 likes, then you should be ready to part ways with $69.99.


Growthoid can give you the popularity and exposure you desire on Instagram through its manual growth service. Whether you’re a brand looking to have more eyes on your products or an influencer looking to gain more following, promoting your profile into the eyes of more people is undoubtedly the best way to go.

And one service that’s quite experienced at doing that is Growthoid.

When you make an order with Growthoid, you get connected with an Instagram account manager who studies your account and then sends real likes from actual people into your posts.

It is claimed they have many people in their network, so when you buy likes from them, you get real people to work on your account.

Additionally, to bringing you real likes, Growthoid also has the resources to target your rivals’ audiences for you so that you can tempt them to come and check out your channel instead.

In short, with Growthoid, you get to win the Instagram algorithm over and other random Instagrammers.


If you’ve ever attempted to buy Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube followers, then you must have heard about Famoid. When it comes to selling promo packages across multiple social networks, only a few brands match the reputation and popularity of Famoid.

Famoid is so confident in its service’s legitimacy that it offers new users free trials before asking them to make purchases.

What this means is that before you buy natural and instant, Instagram likes from Famoid, you have the opportunity to try the company’s products. And if you’re satisfied with what you see, you can proceed to make a purchase.

At $2.95 for 100 likes, their price plan is undoubtedly a fairly competitive one.


Last but not least on our list is Venium.

For those ready to take their Instagram profile to the next level, this is the best site to buy Instagram likes, views, comments, and followers.

They sell real, authentic likes to all their clients.

On the company’s website, Venium claims that “We’ve been offering our services for years and are yet to have any of our customers banned or blocked on the platform”.

This is reassuring, especially for anyone who hasn’t heard the name before and is skeptical about the brand.

In short, you have nothing to fear if you’re patronizing Venium.

On a final note, you can get as many as 1000 likes for just $9.99.


If you want your posts to go viral on IG, your best bet is to find a way to make the explore page. The explore page is where Instagram curates those content that has enjoyed the highest engagement – i.e., posts that have the potential to go viral.

To make the explore page or even get close to going viral, you need many real likes. Luckily, there is a brand in town that sells just that – GetViral.

GetViral is one of the most famous names you’ll find any time you want to buy stuff like Instagram followers, likes, comments, or views. They’ve delivered satisfactory services to customers so much so that people even recommend them on random Facebook groups and Reddit threads.

It is believed that the secret of their service lies in their amazing national and international clientele, who are constantly working on clients’ accounts to deliver accurate and instant likes from actual human beings.

As far as pricing goes, they offer very competitive pricing, too. Typically, you’ll get 100 likes for $2.89; 250 likes for $5.90; 500 likes for $7.90; 1,000 likes for $12.50; 2,500 likes for $24.50; 5,000 likes for $38.50; 10,000 likes for $68.50; 25,000 likes for $149.50; and 40,000 likes for $270.00.

Finally, all likes are delivered instantly. You only need to set your profile to public and provide them with your Instagram profile URL to gain access to your posts.


Viralyft claims in their short lifetime, they’ve sold Instagram likes to over 500,000 clients. Wow! Is there any sales pitch better than that? I doubt it.

If 500k clients and patronized them and got satisfactory deliveries, I don’t see a reason why you, too, shouldn’t give them a trial.

Like the ones we’ve discussed so far, Viralyft sells real, instant likes to all clients. Once you hit the “buy now” button, your order gets delivered within seconds, making them one of the fastest providers of likes in the industry.

Instead of buying separate packages for all your posts, Viralyft gives you the option to split the likes you buy amongst several different photos on Instagram, thus, giving you a better value for your money.

Say you have ten posts and you buy 1000 likes; you can split the likes equally amongst the 10 posts or choose a custom format to separate them.

The only downside with Viralyft is they don’t sell targeted likes. Meaning you can’t get likes from specific countries or gender. They only sell global likes – i.e., likes coming from all gender and random countries of the world.

In terms of pricing, you can get 100 likes for $2.89; 250 likes for $5.90; 500 likes for $5.90; 1,000 likes for $12.50; 2,500 likes for $24.50; 5,000 likes for $38.50; and 10,000 likes for $68.50.


Buzzoid is another reputable site to buy Instagram likes. There isn’t much to say about Buzzoid other than the fact that they sell genuine likes from real people, and they deliver your order instantly.

Like Viralyft, they also split your likes across multiple photos, giving your page a touch of genuineness and credibility. It is claimed that Buzzoid service approximately 10k customers per day, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.


Buying Instagram likes is not a hard or scary thing to do. As long as you’re buying from the best sites in the industry, you have nothing to fear about the legitimacy or authenticity of your likes.

So, go ahead and buy Instagram likes today, and watch your profile soar!

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