97 Display CEO Houston Goodwin Brings a Hurricane to Calm the Storms Facing Small Businesses

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“A Business is Only as Good as its Team”

With a calculated burst of ideation, 97 Display CEO Houston Goodwin can summon a frenzy of new tactics and strategies that help his clientele of small business owners grow. Such energetic-yet-articulated moments of inspiration are known to his staff as “Houston Hurricanes” and are just part of what has helped him lead 97 Display to sustained success.

A marketing software company, 97 Display’s goal is to connect fitness and martial arts businesses with their local communities through their proprietary lead-generating website platform, suite of tools, and resources for lead conversion. Goodwin’s humble yet energetic character established a people-first culture at the company, which brings this goal to life. 

To Goodwin, profits are a secondary priority that comes from being deserving of such. He works hard to thoroughly understand his clients’ needs, challenges, hurdles, and pains, and uses that knowledge to challenge the way business can be done. It’s a potent example his team eagerly follows, setting 97 Display apart from its competitors.  

Branching Out

Captivated by the nuances of how good business works, Goodwin seeks to inspire both his clients and his team members to always be curious and learning. It’s a particularly helpful approach as the company continues a significant new push into the fitness industry. Having been highly successful in the martial arts industry, the company wants to bring their perfected marketing platform to fitness businesses of all kinds.

“We’ve served martial arts studios and small fitness gyms for over 12 years, and now we are branching out into other fitness spaces,” said Goodwin. “The passion that martial arts and fitness studio owners have deserves to be shared, but the bigger chain gyms tend to drown out the little guys. My job is to help passionate trainers and owners get found by the people that really need them.”

Way of Life

Goodwin adamantly puts others before himself, including his colleagues. He knows that a business is only as good as its team, so he ensures his team is able to be happy and productive in and out of the office.

“If you aren’t getting paid enough, or you aren’t getting the enjoyment that comes from feeling like your job is worthwhile, you can’t be the great mother, daughter, father, son, wife, or husband that you ought to be,” he said about the company’s employee-focused environment. “We work for a life, we don’t live to work.”  

All About Others

As he works to make the world a better place, Goodwin never seems jaded about the ups and downs of life. He shows up every day with a positive attitude, seeking positive change for both those around him and his global clients.

A unique facet of 97 Display is their ability to localize their menu of lead-generation and conversion tools. This makes it possible for them to serve clients from any location around the world and help them grow where they are based.

“The type of business owners we work with help change lives, teach discipline, and make the world a better place,” he explained. “I want to help lift some of the burden that comes with running a business and getting people in their doors, so they can focus on serving their community through their love of what they do.”

Additionally, Goodwin invests his personal time and money into learning the ins and outs of the businesses with whom he works, such as by purchasing and running a martial arts studio in order to immerse himself in the world of his clients.

“I share the passion for martial arts that our clients have,” Goodwin said. “And I also care about the individual, their goals and their challenges. So, being able to understand the exact needs of someone who would hire me to help is a huge advantage. I saw the other side of the coin for three years before selling the business, and the knowledge I gained was invaluable.”

The Source of His Giving Nature

At the center of Goodwin’s hurricane lies an innate sense of humanitarianism. His Christian faith textures his work and his life, giving him a servant mindset for all people. He has a composure and dedication that leads him to be a living example to follow in business and beyond.

He works, leads and serves with a respectful and matter-of-fact demeanor. It’s the calm surrounding his storms of ideas, the center of the swirling philosophies that builds trust with his team members, clients, friends and family, and carves a path forward for them all.

About 97 Display

97 Display, led by CEO Houston Goodwin, connects local businesses with their communities through their proprietary lead-generating website platform and suite of tools and resources for lead conversion. Having worked primarily in the martial arts and fitness industries for its entire 12-year history, the company’s exponential knowledge for generating growth has helped thousands of businesses own the space in their local markets.

For more information, please visit https://www.97display.com/

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