Former College Basketball Star Gabe Adzich is now one of LA’s Top Entrepreneurs

Gabe Adzich is a 23-year-old entrepreneur who is considered one of the best in LA. You may be surprised to learn that he was previously on a path to play in professional basketball after being a high school and college basketball star.

While going to Texas Christian University, Gabe played Division 1 basketball. He always had a love of the game ever since he was a kid. That is why he pursued playing for school teams in both high school and college. While he was going to Saint Francis High School, he played as a combo guard. Nationally, the team was ranked 12th. In California, rank was a remarkable 4th. Both of these are impressive rankings considering how many elite teams are in the US.

His great playing performance in high school was noticed by colleges. While at Saint Francis High School, he helped his team earn a 25-3 record. This athletic success led to him getting on the team at Texas Christian University and playing for the Horned Frogs. When he was playing for TCU, his position changed to shooting guard. This new position allowed his performance to greatly excel.

As good as he was playing basketball for TCU, he had an inner drive to innovate that superseded his love of the game. He decided to cut his basketball career short and follow his passion. To do this, the first step he would take is to transfer to Loyola Marymount University, located in Los Angeles. It would be here that he would learn how to be a successful entrepreneur and study at one of the top Entrepreneurial schools in the nation.

Marymount was where Gabe received the inspiration to start his first company. While at Marymount, he also won accolades, awards, and praise for his entrepreneurial successes. Since then, Gabe has been hustling and doing very well in LA.

Gabe has founded two startups, invested in a few more, and gotten into the world of real estate development. Given just how young he is, Gabe has proven himself to be a very ambitious entrepreneur. It isn’t difficult to see that he will be able to continue pushing the limits of what he believes he can accomplish. Gabe has always considered himself to be someone who easily becomes motivated. With the determination and drive he has displayed within the past few years, this is quite evident.

Los Angeles is the hub of Gabe’s innovation and entrepreneurial ventures. That’s why it is not surprising that he has been regarded as one of LA’s top young entrepreneurs. Even though he is just 23 years old, he has already achieved a great deal.

This young gun is only getting started on his path to success. There is a saying he lives by, which is a message to other entrepreneurs. “Let’s innovate tomorrow, today.”

To learn more information on Gabe Adzich and his entrepreneurial ventures, you can head over to his website.

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