JordanJohn Releases His Song “Elevate”

“Elevate” is the newest song from JordanJohn

JordanJohn has exceeded everyone’s expectations with the release of “Elevate” recently. The song has been streamed a record-breaking amount of times across popular streaming platforms. He is no doubt going to be the next best thing in house music in a long time.

Jordan started his musical journey when he was still a child. He started playing when he was 9 years old. He was inspired by his father who was a DJ. Jordan started his music playing drums and was introduced to hip hop due to his sense of rhythm. Since he was a child he showed the musical talent that rivaled a grown-up.

“Elevate” separates John from other artists in his genre. His musical style is not simple. Rather it is very diverse and complex. Something that only Jordan can cook up. We are hopeful that JordanJohn will keep hits like this in the future too.

Jordan has also released two other songs recently: “Drip” and “Myth”. The songs are slowly gaining popularity. Like “Elevate”, these two songs have also started to smash records across platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. One thing is very clear, JordanJohn is on the path to success, and it’s all because of his pure talent and skill.

Listen to “Elevate” here:

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