A Closer Look at Michael Andreula

If you ask him to list three qualities to describe him and his business, he’ll tell you it’s Helpful, Joyful, and Inspirational. Michael Andreula operates Valley Spinal Care in Scottsdale, Arizona, where everything is patient-centered. While the clinic sees an excess of 3000 patients per month their focus is not on “numbers” but rather on maximizing the patient experience in the office. They hope that every patient feels like an extension of the family, and Valley Spinal Care is the only Multidisciplinary office they need!

Valley Spinal Care (VSC) offers chiropractic services and physical therapy, and a wide range of other medical and surgical services, making it a one-stop-shop for anything medical. 

A Closer Look at Michael Andreula

Michael is a chiropractor, but he is always looking for new ways to help others. So, he uses his platform for leverage to network. Most people who meet him would say he’s a people person, which has helped give him a good reputation and an office where 85% of patients who visit feel like family, rather than just another person walking through the clinic. 

A Rough Start

After graduating from college Michael had the thought, “I’m a doctor, so I can save the world.” He changed his mind quickly after becoming part of ASU and Cardinals chiropractor and losing $24,000 his first year in practice. Not only did he fall flat on his face, but he was humbled as well.

Rather than give up, he found a mentor who was already where he wanted to be in terms of business. He further humbled himself and accepted a position as an associate, earning only $3,000 per month. Though it was less than he hoped to earn, it was much needed to help him learn how to properly run a business and lead a team.

His mentor essentially told him that one day he would quit and never come back. Shortly after, he was approached with an offer to buy that doctor’s business. However, the timing couldn’t have been worse because Michael and his wife only had $200 in their account after having paid their monthly bills. This is the moment his mindset changed. He immediately knew you had to build a business the right and honest way!

It was at this point that he began building up a clientele. He attributes today’s success to his past failings. In Michael’s mind, if there is no risk, then it’s not even worth it. He admits that he’s a risky guy; he looks at the five percent and says, “that’s where I want to be.” 

Michael believes there’s no reason not to aim for your goals because even if you fail, you’re in no different place than before you tried. The goal is to create the next generation for your family, so you can’t care what people think of you. 

Gaining Traction

Michael first started gaining traction after applying for Arete. The cost at the time was $65,000, which he didn’t have. However, the thought propelled him to the next level as it presented a new challenge. He’s a man of faith, so part of his approach was to pray about it. 

It definitely worked because soon after, he woke up to an email saying he was 1 of 110 people chosen out of 60k+ applicants for the premier. While The Arete Syndicate promises to help members master excellence in general, the three focal points are scaling a business to 9-figures, developing the habit of setting and surpassing momentous personal goals, and maximizing one’s influence to impact the world for good and leave a positive legacy.

Now, fast-forward a few years, Michael has become part of a few groups, and the focus was on going to corporations and universities to speak. 

Current Successes

After suffering several failures, Michael now owns five businesses outside of medical and surgery clinics. Soon he hopes to get someone else involved with the business, so he can continue on his own path, whether that’s in the medical field or not. 

Michael has interests in multi-family real estate and business consulting. In his consulting business, he shows other clinic owners new ways of handling processes, patient interactions, employees, etc. He basically goes into a clinic and helps turn it from a “small dog” to a bigger industry player. 

He went from a failing GPA and being on academic probation to a 3.5 GPA, 3 Bachelor’s degrees, and a Doctorate. Today’s focus is on becoming a valuable person, bringing people joy, holding others accountable, and helping people. 

Everything he does is for his family, faith, and a small circle of friends who keep him humble. In fact, if you ask what his biggest accomplishment is, he’ll tell you it’s his 10-year marriage with his wife Megan and three children, ages 4, 6, and 8. His wife owns three businesses and has always pushed him and supported him from the beginning. 

Michael is also a Pilot and has hopes of getting into the chartering business soon. He also works with churches and sponsors children in Africa, which will soon take him on a trip to Tanzania. 

In the end, becoming a chiropractor taught him to study smart, how to be an empathetic person, a better conversationalist, and how to bring it 100% of the time. 

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