A Day Through the Eyes of Up-and-Coming Musical Artist, Felitche

Hip Hop Artist Felitche Elevates During Global Pandemic.

Starting in Canada and moving to Los Angeles, a young professional soccer star quickly turned into a profound musical sensation. Felitche has led like an extremely prominent life, inspiring others with his important message of determination.  

Today, Felitche is getting used to living through a pandemic. However, if you know Felitche at all, you know that the current stakes of our world today do not get him down. He starts every day at nine in the morning and heads straight to the studio. He claims he produces song after song, pushing more and more music out into his ever-growing pile of projects. The focus and determination that he has keeps his mind right, and he continues to produce music during these times in an effort to show his dedication to his work.  

After making music, he usually heads to the gym, another way he clears his mind. By keeping himself healthy, he keeps his mind healthy. After his session, Felitche’s attention turns to family. He usually will go and spend the night at his mother’s house and spend time with his younger siblings and family. Felitche says he spends a lot of time with his family, and he is super close with them. 

As we all learn to cope with the world we are faced with today, it’s important to look after ourselves and each other. Felitche is no stranger to this; his music is aimed toward becoming one and supporting others. His lyrics don’t follow a dark tone, but rather a commutative one. He says that listening to his work while feeling down is the best time to do so, as it will snap one right about their sad mood.

Felitche is a huge example of what the music world needs right now. He focuses more on the meaning behind the music and the work more than anything else. During these times, it’s important to keep the same focus and look onto brighter days. Felitche’s music can certainly be one way to keep these things in mind.

Be sure to give him a listen, and follow him on Instagram here and be sure to watch the official music video for his latest single, HEADLIGHTS here.

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