A Digital Creator With a Plan: Sohail Monirul Shaikh’s YouTube Creations are out of This World

Whenever a person is creating content, the first thought that he has in his mind is the target audience. Certainly, audience plays a huge role in making a person popular because they are the ones who will be listening to your music and watching your video. But it is very difficult to maintain the quality of content that is being put out and please the audience at the same time. A wide group of the population includes people who enjoy various genres of music and music videos. Sohail Monirul Shaikh focusses on each kind.

Being a digital creator has been the best things to have ever happened to him. He likes to spread positive vibes, besides supporting and motivating others to work even harder so that they can also achieve all their dreams one day. People think that he was born a creator but his life has been tougher than that, full of struggles and challenging situations. He went from working at his father’s store to becoming a digital creator. The shift in his career was huge but his determination to succeed was greater.

Sohail Monirul Shaikh wrote his first YouTube song all by himself, innovation being his sole motivating factor. “Mera Bhai Tu” has more than 32 million views on YouTube, reaching a greater part of the audience. It was a quality work that everyone liked and promoted actively because of the message that it had. The song represents Brotherhood qualities. The bond between two friends, or a group of friends is unbreakable if they are bound by a mutual love and faith in each other. Everyone loves this kind of content because it is not controversial.

In the present times, it is very difficult to give out work because someone or the other will find a reason to be upset about it. But this music video has very few dislikes, suspending from the likes of it, the jealous creators amounts to the one who have disliked his YouTube video. For the most part, he has a very positive fan base who support him a lot.

Shahrukh Khan is a major role model for Sohail Monirul Shaikh. It is from him that he derives his acting qualities. Apart from digital content creation, this young man also has other interests like dancing, writing and taking part in sports activities. Such versatile men are always well received!

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