A Guide to WooCommerce Image Sizing: How to Take Better eCommerce Photos

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Images can mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to eCommerce.

It does not matter if you are selling your wares on eBay or Amazon, it is ultimately your images that sell your products. If you want to convert clicks to sales, making sure that you have good quality images is imperative. WooCDommerce is also a great way of marketing your products.

What Is WooCoomerce?

WooCommerce is a free tool that is available powered by WordPress. It is one of the best platforms for selling products. The secret to success when you use WooCommerce is image quality.

In our mini-guide to best image sizes for WooCommerce, we are going to cover the most important tips and tricks to better eCommerce photos.

Appropriate Sizing Of WooCommerce Images

When it comes to Woocommerce images, there are many benefits of ensuring that your WooCommerce images are optimized for both size and quality.

The way we shop has changed forever. These days, we are just as likely to shop using our mobile devices as well as sitting in front of our desktop computers. That means that your images need to display and show as many details on both.

You don’t want your photos to dominate the small screen on a phone nor do you want them to get lost on a desktop screen.

The challenge with smaller images is that details are often hard to see. You need your images to be transitional as you want them to entice buyers no matter what format they use to view your products.

Optimize Page Loading Time Is A Top Priority

Page loading time is really important when it comes to WooCommerce. You can improve page loading time by sizing your images in the best way.

We all love high-quality images, but they may slow down the page loading speed. That is going to annoy potential customers and may even cause them to check out a competitor’s products. That is the last thing that you want when you have spent time developing or sourcing products.

When it comes to page loading speed we have become impatient. According to statistics from Google, we expect a page to load in as little as 2.5 seconds. Stop and think about it, and you will realize that is an amazing speed.

Streamlining The Sizing Process

Establishing and using appropriate standards for your site also helps to streamline the product sales process. You can tell your product photographer exactly what size that you are looking for when it comes to an image.

Of course, you will have to be flexible at the same time. Some may need a larger or smaller image size.

Are There Different Types Of WooCommerce Images?

Yes, there are different types of WooCommerce images, and you must understand how they work to make the most out of the best image sizes for WooCommerce.

Your WooCommerce images are often the first images that a customer sees when he comes across your product.

Having a large initial image is important to create an impact. It helps if you think of your images as a bit of a show. The first photograph needs to burst onto the stage.

What Are The Best Sizes For Your E-Commerce Images?

WooCommerce is pretty unique when it comes to the way it handles images. Unlike other platforms, it does not have a height adjust setting. What does this mean?  It means that the image will float proportionally to the image size that you have uploaded.

That is why it is important to upload identically sized images. What size do the experts recommend? Most experts recommend a size of 800 px.

Can I Change Image Sizes?

Yes, you can. The program has a feature called WooThumbs. All you have to do is to find the image section and input your preferred size. Once you have saved your image, you can now apply it across the particular product listing or just to the main image.

What About Thumbnail Images?

Yes, you can apply thumbnail images as well. A thumbnail is normally around 300 px which gives you good quality image resolution.

Thumbnails are important when it comes to eCommerce. You can use them in different ways to attract customers to look at other products that you are selling. Most experienced eCommerce sellers use thumbnails as gallery images and on related products. In other words, they are a great way of upselling products on your sites.

Amazon has mastered the art of upselling. Before you set up your site, spend some time studying the way Amazon handles related products.

Unlike other programs, WooCommerce lets you crop your images in a range of styles. You can go for square and custom. You can even leave them uncropped if you are worried about losing important product details.

Always remember that it is important for your customers to have a chance to see a range of product images and videos. We buy with our eyes – never lose sight of that. Find out more about marketing with Amazon on this page.

Can I Change WooCommerce Gallery Image Size?

This is such a great program that you can change pretty much anything when it comes to image use.

When you want to change your gallery images, all you have to do is to customize them. All you have to do is to click on appearance and then go to customize WooCommerce Product Images.

From there you will be able to tweak your gallery image size. If you find all of this too complicated, there are plenty of developers that are ready to help you. Unless you have previous experience of working with different themes, it is a good idea to get a bit of help. Many product photographers help clients to upload and modify images in WooCommerce. Optimizing your images for a site is not always easy.

Plug-Ins For WooCommerce

Just with anything WordPress, you have the chance to install different plug-ins.We have already mentioned one of the most popular plug-ins -WooThumbs. It is one of the best plug-ins as it is easy to use and will not slow down your website.

WooSwipe is another plug-in that you should install. This open-source product makes your galleries mobile friendly and increases the response time of your images. One of the best features of WooSwipe is that you can use it to pin images on social media.

Problems That You May Run Into

Blurry images are one of the most common problems. This may be down to the fact that you are not running the latest version of WooCommerce. Make sure that you update WooCommerce before you start working with your images.

Your initial resolution can also cause your images to appear blurry. Ideally, your original images should be less than 100 MB.

Always check your image dimensions and make sure that they don’t exceed the image dimensions in your theme.

On occasion, you may have a problem with different size images. It is best to start with the same sized image. When you don’t you may end up with images that are just a mish-mash and hard to sort out.

You should also make sure that you save the image after cropping and adjusting. That is something that many users forget about doing.

Do You Need Help With Product Photographs?

When you feel that you are out of your depth, but know that you need high-quality photographs and a high-end finish for your website, the best thing to do is to get in touch with a product photographer

A professional product photographer will be able to take the best photos and may even upload the images. Ecommerce is something that most product photographers are now used to and they work with a range of programs and platforms. Finding the best image sizes for WooCommerce is not new to them.

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