A kind-hearted and Ambitious Girl From the God’s own Country – Fathimath Ithusha

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An introvert, hailing from God’s own country. A medical student who finds pleasure in reading, writing, and reviewing books.

She is a doctor-to-be and is highly passionate about books. She has recently stepped into book reviewing and has been gathering excellent feedbacks.

She loves to lend a helping hand to the needy and spends her free time providing free tuition to the children.

She always proved her excellence in academics and was even honored by the Chief Minister for the same. Apart from that, she is an all-rounder who has also proven her talents in other fields too, such as extempore, anchoring, story writing, etc, and bagged many prizes.

Her Achievements:

She has been recently selected for The Limelight Awards 2021, Elite Book Awards, and Outset Top Reviewer Awards.

She also Got featured in the newspapers many times.


She has been Awarded with the title ’TWINKLING SUPERSTAR 2021’ by Sparkling Diamonds Awards; an initiative by Sparkling Diamonds publishing community registered under MSME.

She strongly believes that education plays a major role in the betterment of the nation.

Name: Fathimath Ithusha
Email : ithush7@gmail.com

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