A Leader and Authority in the Digital Marketing Space – Meet Marco Calamassi

Marco Calamassi is one of few marketing authorities to be verified on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. As one of the top 1% of marketers worldwide, he has proven to be a leader in his field.

His Business: Brands Builder

It’s an understatement to say that Marco Calamassi (also known by his nickname, Cala) has extraordinary abilities and talents. He is widely recognized as a marketing authority, with 266,000 followers on Instagram, 10,000 on facebook, and a whopping 380,000 on TikTok. In total, he has over 640,000 followers across his socials. Clearly, the man understands how to build a successful business and online presence. His company, Brands Builder, brings together the ultimate team of content creators, coders, designers, marketers, and product developers. Calamassi leads this team of experts to help influencers move from brand sponsorship into building their own brand. He found his niche when he realized that most influencers don’t have an entrepreneurial background – many influencers also lack the skills to manage finances and corporate relationships. With his entrepreneurial experience and industry knowledge, Calamassi realized he could help people with sizable social media followings achieve much higher financial results. Now, Calamassi and his team help influencers successfully plan, build, and launch their brands – rather than just doing sponsorship deals for whatever brand comes their way. They offer a powerful service for influencers looking to leverage their following and take it to the next level.

Journey to the Top

Calamassi has been working within the digital marketing space since 2012. Prior to that, he was an early adopter of Ebay – recognizing the opportunity it presented ahead of the curve. When he began selling sneakers from China with a markup of three to five times his cost, he knew he had pinpointed a successful business model. It was this first meeting with entrepreneurship that lit a fire inside Calamassi. In 2012, he went on to work on bringing his family’s business to the next level. He recognized the need to differentiate in order to stay relevant in the retail space. He expanded their Italian made fashion, art, and decor to America with a pop-up shop that included an art gallery and a fashion boutique. He understands the importance of staying curious about new platforms and has moved onto various marketplaces and social media platforms, including Amazon, Instagram, and Youtube. Calamassi has built his expertise up in the last eight years to get to where he is today. As a prominent digital marketing expert, he provides his clients with unique insight that delivers results.

Proven Success

Though digital marketing and social media marketing are relatively new considering the first mass Social Network (Facebook) gained traction only in 2010, he has proven himself to be a successful pioneer in the digital marketing field. His success has garnered him public acknowledgement – resulting in him being verified on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. In his business, he first consults with influencers to determine their goals. Are they growing their following and market? Or are they in a phase of lowering reach as they prepare to develop their own built-in advertising? In one example, he worked with an influencer who needed quick growth. Calamassi and his team came up with a giveaway plan, which consisted of promotional posts hosted on huge celebrity accounts with prizes of equal proportions, like cash, iPhones, and even cars. To enter the giveaway, users had to follow everyone that the celebrity follows – in this case, that included Calamassi’s client. These big ticket names and prizes generate fast results. Brands Builder also equips their clients with stable, consistent growth plans around their content creation. They provide guidance on how to generate content that connects with the audience on an emotional level, with the end goal of being shared, reposted, tagged, and going viral.

What’s Next?

Most recently, Calamassi has authored “Shaping The Reality of 2050”. Originally written just for his friends and colleagues in 2018, he reworked and published the book in 2020 for the public. The book has been listed as a “Top Book A Marketer and Developer Must Read In 2020”  by DZone.com, a prominent technology website. “Shaping the Reality of 2020” is a unique look into the future’s digital environment, revealing how web personalities will be the new rockstars. Instead of philosophers and architects, we will have marketers and developers. Online entrepreneurs will replace traditional tycoons. Apart from his new-found success as a published writer, Calamassi also often consults in the movie & entertainment industry. As a marketing consultant and digital marketing expert, he has consulted for two movies and a TV series. He has been credited on imdb.com for his work.

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