A Lifestyle Influencer, Anna Scolaro Speaks Up About The Simple Road To Live Life

A lifestyle influencer, Anna Scolaro preaches and practices the art of living to its fullest. Every individual she comes across, inspires her differently and moves her to the core. This is because her professional love; lifestyle influencing, is a field that requires her to be utterly attentive. Hailing from the city of London where her parents only spoke to her in Italian, was not an easy task when at a convent school in England. However, she believes that leading lifestyles without any problems is a possibility in a parallel world. Yet it is not without its own solutions. Living in many countries, She has met all sorts of women;  some who seek fame and fortune and others who simply become a magnet to her sharing her list for the simpler things in life. She knows that fame brings you nothing but trouble and sadness.

She says the world is not in this place right now. People are dying and hungry. There is social unrest and depression and on top of this all.. climate change. Actually, more individuals are dying from mental stress, suicide and depression she says rather than COVID itself!!

Yes, she has fashion style ! She is Italian after all!; it’s in her blood but today there’s no time for opulence and grandeur. Speaking about the simpler road to life, she says the era where people focused on society standards have faded. She was approached last year to feature in hello magazine which she denied at the editor’s surprise. “They don’t know me” she says. “I’m not that girl!!”what was there to gain for her in doing that , she says.

Today it’s about survival; how people are living and how they are going to buy their loaf of bread or pay their rent. She has never been a glossy spotlight kind of girl. She is a philanthropist and has helped many. She was very disillusioned when helping a Russian charity years ago. She was at a charity where only enough funds were raised to allow only one twin girl to survive.. “it was devastating she recalls”  “I had to help both of them” to then not receive any news on their wellbeing or survival made her believe that all these charities were not regulated well. This was devastating! Today she devotes a lot of work to Parkinson’s disease.

Anna Scolaro herself leads a bohemian lifestyle; and claims that a simple life is a key to happiness and health. This is a woman with options. She would trade in a palace and a fast car for a tent on a beach and a bicycle. If you have experienced the best of both; you eventually realize that the things that count most are the ones you can’t buy.

Currently pursuing a life class diploma, she quotes that as more and more people are walking towards isolation, she became interested in studying the nature of such a phenomenon. With the majority of people leading an isolated lifestyle, mental health is a major concern among such people. Perhaps it is due to a greater desire for isolation that has left many people in the pool of depression and silence! When asked about what she thinks is the solution to the problem, she says that people need to step up to value their respective cultures and become more vocal about their lives. Why shouldn’t you be able to express how you feel?

As nature has become the new best friend, Anna Scolaro mentions that humans will eventually have to walk back to their basic needs as social creatures. Throwing light on her own lifestyle, she says that she prefers to lead a simple lifestyle, severed from any stylish concepts. She believes that humility and honesty are the best virtues one can possess and everything else fits in place! To sum up, she is a lifestyle influencer who intends to unleash the unique ways that can help many people to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle!

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