A Look at the Success of Auto Influencer Sergio Mariscal

If you use Instagram, you’ve probably seen influential users promoting brands and products. It has become one of the top platforms among users to establish themselves as an influencer. Studies by TrackMaven confirm that Instagram witnesses the most average interactions per post per 1,000 followers. 

Be it fashion, food, health, technology, or auto, companies are nowadays identifying and partnering with competent influencers to gain exposure and a larger audience for their brand. Productive influencer collaborations have been assisting brands to generate more sales and a higher Return on Investment. Collaborating with an influencer has become one of the top marketing strategies for companies, and it is also compensating influencers pretty well. 

Influencers are Instagram users who have pre-established and acknowledged credibility and an audience. They are people who can persuade others by their creditworthiness and legitimacy. Similarly, here, we converse about one of the most well-known automotive Instagram Influencers – Cheko MariscalHe has helped many companies and big brands for product promotion and branding. 

Sergio Mariscal, who is famous as Mexico’s Car Journalist, is an Instagram Auto Influencer who also hosts a TV show. His full name is Sergio Mariscal Corona. He is married to Estefania Gomez and has two boys, Cheko and Sebastian. He lives in Mexico City and is currently 35 years old. 

He is a car and lifestyle influencer who gives advice on what cars to buy, newly launched features, and conducts test drives as well. He is an automobile enthusiast who did his bachelor’s degree from Barry University in Miami. 

His original country, Mexico, always fascinated him, and he kept thinking of coming back to it. Later, he came back to Mexico and resumed his studies in Business Administration at Universidad Iberoamericana. During his studies, he realized that he wanted to become an ‘entrepreneur.’ 

Now, he is not just an entrepreneur but also a business owner, automotive journalist, and CEO and Founder of www.carglobe.mx. He carried out automotive industry model comparisons and traveled the world driving and testing out cars. His family and friends call him Cheko; therefore, he goes by the name of Cheko Mariscal. 

At first, he thought he would need to learn communications. However, he never had to go for a professional course because, by working in the automotive industry and being featured on Radio shows, podcasts, TV Shows, and Vlogs, he learned everything. 

As an entrepreneur, the first thing he did was to team up with a college friend and start a magazine about entrepreneurs. The idea took off, and the magazine sold several copies. Its success stories assisted the young, helped support new entrepreneurs, and also empowered a large group of women. However, later on, he decided to sell the magazine to some investors. 

Running the magazine gave him a lot of insight into successful entrepreneurs, and it helped him realize that media was his forte. He decided to bring together three things, his communication career, his experience as an entrepreneur, and his love for cars. All of this resulted in him coming up with his webpage, www.carglobe.mx. 

Since 2013, this website has served as a specialized means of communication in the automotive world. It is with the help of this website that he tours the globe and orchestrates interviews at different places along with test drives for different car brands. Sergio loves to travel the world and wants to experience driving every car in the world. 

Achievements– He has visited numerous countries such as Japan, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, Canada, the United States, and South America, and not to mention – his own country of Mexico. He is also a television host on a channel named Acustik. Besides that, he has his own car show called Super Nave. He has also entertained the masses on a show called Road TV on Tele Formula. Additionally, he was also a part of a Radio Show called Formula Autotrend on Radio Formula for more than five years.

He is the best voice to talk about cars. He tries out every vehicle so that we don’t have to. Even after reaching new heights in his career, his enthusiasm is for cars is unceasing. Despite all the hard work and struggle involved, he heartily agrees that the decision to follow his passion was the best thing ever. No matter what, one should always go after their passion and turn it into their career, just like Sergio Mariscal did. 

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