A Look Into the Dynamic Life of Keviam Cazo

A persistent and courageous individual who’s never afraid to go against the norm, Keviam Cazo has set herself an excellent example for women. She’s a football player, although her charm, glamor, and sophistication are not very typical of that of an athlete. Keviam was already experiencing success as a sportswoman in her home country in Ecuador, but she moved to Sochi, Russia to achieve more success.

Keviam knows that a career in sports will eventually end, so as early as age 18, she was already involved in the business world. When she reached the age of 30, she already had an innumerable set of projects to her name. Keviam has always been a workaholic, so accomplishing many things in very little time is something she enjoys. She now owns a successful seafoodexport business, which is just one of her many business ventures.

Keviam is currently living with her partner, famous football player Christian Noboa, who moved with her to Sochi at the onset of the pandemic. She’s never shy about sharing their love story with people, which has become a source of inspiration to other couples. Despite being complete strangers in Sochi, Keviam and Christian found adjusting to the city quite easy because of its beauty and rich culture.

One facet of Keviam’s personality that her followers love is her passion for health and fitness. She never considered being a football player as just a hobby, but instead, it was a lifestyle. Keviam finds it motivating when people send their compliments on social media about her fitness and her amazing athletic skills. She has certainly helped in changing the way people look at women in Russia and their roles in society.

Unknown to most of Keviam’s fans is her childhood story of growing up in Ecuador and being raised by her mother. Her parents divorced when she was only ten, and she saw how her mom worked hard to provide for her needs. Her mother taught her to be less dependent and work hard to earn her own money. These lessons came in handy for Keviam as she became a mother at a young age as well.

When she became a mother, Keviam’s eyes were open to many things about her priorities as a woman. She realized that for her to give her best for her children, she had to be the best version of herself first. She could only do this by taking care of herself physically and emotionally, which she continues to do today. This is also the reason why Keviam always looks stunning despite being busy as a mother and as an entrepreneur.

Setting a positive example for her children is Keviam’s primary goal as she tries to inspire and influence others with her story. She also plans to build her own company before she turns forty and pursue her law profession. Keviam has more plans for her future, which her fans can’t wait for, though she prefers keeping these a secret to surprise them later.

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