A Model for the Restaurant Industry During the Pandemic: Lynn Price

Turkey Leg Hut Gives To Those in Need on Christmas Day

The restaurant industry has struggled during the pandemic, with many of them closing their doors forever. Fortunately, that is not the case for all restaurants, as demonstrated by the famous Turkey Leg Hut.

Founded by Lynn and Nakia Price, the restaurant owners could be spotted spending their Christmas Day giving away 500 delicious meals to those in need. The owners stated that they simply wanted to give back to a community that had supported them during the pandemic. They serve as a model to all small business owners who wish to find success as the pandemic rolls into another year.

The Pandemic Is Crushing The Restaurant Industry

The coronavirus pandemic has harmed individuals, families, and small businesses all over the globe; however, it has hit the restaurant industry particularly hard. With many restaurants deemed non-essential companies and countless people deciding not to go out in public, the restaurant industry had difficulty making ends meet.

Furthermore, some believed that the restaurant industry was on the brink of collapse. However, the reality is that restaurants drive local communities. They provide a place for people to gather, employ countless individuals, and support local farmers and stores.

The Turkey Leg Hut knew that they needed to find a different way to run their business to survive. As a result, they focused on supporting a local community that has given them so much.

The Turkey Leg Hut Finds a Way To Survive

Initially, the Turkey Leg Hut, founded in 2015, was a way for Lynn and Nakia Price to come back home. Their goal was to give to the community that has supported their family through difficult times. Instead, a few years later, they were greeted by the pandemic. They needed to find a different way to keep the business going and decided to take it mobile while also focusing on the restaurant’s roots.

They focused on the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, attracting millions of people annually. The family watched the countless stands selling food and decided that was the best option for their restaurant. They seized on African-American culture, set up a stand themselves, and decided to provide delicious turkey legs to anyone who wanted one.

Immediately, they were shocked by the level of support they received. Given how the community has rallied around the Turkey Leg Hut during the pandemic, they decided that they wanted to do something nice for the local community by giving away a bunch of dinners.

The Importance of Sticking Together During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Overall, the goal of the Prices has been to be a blessing to others, just as the community has been a blessing to them. They gave away 500 of their turkey legs and pounds of fresh beef from the Price Farm. They even donated cash to families who needed it this Christmas.

While many people were shocked by the level of generosity, this is far from the first time the family has done this. They have given away close to 10,000 turkey legs at their famous Thanksgiving events.

The family has accomplished its goal. They have been a blessing to the local community. They could have big plans for an expansion at their current location at the Daquiri Hut! During the pandemic, restaurant owners need to be generous, hustle, and say thank you. The Prices have more than done that.

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