A Paradigm Shift in the World of Perfumes and Deodorants With Lyla Blanc

Lyla leading the change in the world of perfume and deodorants

Today, consumers value individuality. There is an individual element in the dresses they wear, the food they eat, the ads they watch, the products they buy. Every market has gone rapid transformation, with the element of customization taking over traditional competition. One of these markets are one of the most valuable markets in the world, and yet, they remain less talked about.

The global perfume industry is well over 40 billion dollars. The market has undergone paradigm shifts, from traditional attars to cheap, sporty Deodorants. Today, the competition is based on customization. There has been a tremendous growth in the luxury artisanal perfumes, which has rejuvenated the otherwise mundane market. The rising demand for exclusivity, the element of individuality has been pushing to turn over to this paradigm shift. Global players are entering the Indian market with their unique, artisanal fragrances. Given this landscape, there are a few brands that have made it out of India, to the bustling Metropolitan cities abroad. One of these success stories is Lyla Blanc.

Based in Mumbai, the Fazlani Group launched Lyla Blanc with the sole intention of bringing luxury to the ordinary people of India. They believed that luxury can always be affordable. Arif Fazlani, the Managing Director of Lyla Blanc believes that everyone, regardless of their age, gender and financial standing should be able to afford luxury perfumes. Today, Lyla Blanc has a wide range of luxury perfumes, Deodorants, no gas sprays for both men and women.

The Naughty Girl series for women and the Hott series for men have already taken the Indian market by storm. Lyla Blanc has also made it out to the streets of Paris, New York and London.

The Hott series has combined luxury with value for money. Today’s perfume market has seen the meteoric rise of the “No-gas” deodorants. Lyla Blanc’s Naughty Girl Series provides luxury fragrances for cost of 595 INR. It has quickly become a favorite and has been dominating the shelf spaces since its launch.

With their eyes on the international market now, Lyla Blanc remains true to their vision. The vision to provide affordable luxury perfumes, that rejuvenates people. Today, they pride themselves with over 46 variants of luxury perfumes, over 30 types of deodorants for men, and 25 types of deodorants for women. Lyla Blanc remains a success story that created value in era of customization. They strive for more success and aim to bring more fragrances in the coming years to cater to the need for individuality


Written by Garry Logan

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