A Peek Into The Mind Of Young Influencer Nishit Sangwan

Nishit Sangwan Is one of the youngest digital influencers, and he has achieved so much at such a young age; and all of this because of his dedication towards the digital media industry. All of that has now led him to achievements like being a co-founder of different media marketing companies and a fan base of millions. He will also make a debut appearance in an upcoming Bollywood movie.

Tell us something about your origin

I am from Gurugram, Haryana. I started making videos at a very young age, so I have such a huge following now. For me, education is more than studying in a school or college. For me, it is the constant experience that you gain in your life.

Tell us about your success story

I have a huge following on my YouTube channel as well as on my Instagram page. My niche is a lifestyle, and the videos are related to lifestyle content, which leads to me being famous. The fame went further when I appeared in a few music videos and did a few collabs with some celebrities like Maera Mishra from Splitsvilla 11, Javed khan, the winner of “India’s got talent,” Romil Chaudhary, a contestant from Big Boss. All these celebrities have added more to my fame.

What’s your next goal in life?

I have achieved most of what I always aimed for, but there is still much more to achieve. I have made big progress in my career right now since I will make a debut appearance in an upcoming Bollywood movie. I want to achieve much more than that in my life, so my struggle is never-ending

So this was the brief interview with the young influencer Nishit Sangwan who has achieved more at the mere age of 17.


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