A Personal Brand is a Legacy Magnet, not a Sales Machine Says Founder Ruben Alvarez

There is a lot of talk in today’s time about a personal brand. Twenty to thirty years ago, this was not something that business owners even knew or spoke about. The concept was not one they would pursue, well because they did not think to do so.

It was simply a byproduct of the business. So why is there such a push for a personal brand and why do people believe they are able to teach others about it with no prior marketing experience?

“It is due to the nature by which we brought personal brand to the market” says Ruben Alvarez. “Anyone can have a personal brand and therefore anyone can teach on it. But that’s bad, wouldn’t you agree? That means there is so much information out there for what worked for someone’s personal experience but it is not backed by market data, psychology or metrics, just pure emotion and personal experience.”

Ruben continues “People really believe that a personal brand will get them millions of clients and is the missing factor in getting their business off the ground. Well, it is not. The personal brand is a long term thought that can manifest itself one day and only then will you see sales of respect for it. The missing piece is you need to have actually accomplished something in order for the personal brand to be credible.”

“Anyone can have one, but it is no good if you cannot actually back it up with clients, work and honor. I can go out and claim to be the world’s best marketer but without actually knowing marketing or having customers, I am a fraud. Work on your hard skills first before starting the personal brand. You’ll find that if you do this, you will actually have a steady foundation and respect when you make the push.”

“Your brand will speak for you once you are no longer in a room. That is the true goal of it. Not just a couple of sales and a few dollars. Think long term. Reach for the stars with it. And above all, I beg every single one of you, please do research on personal branding coaches. They might not have any accomplishments, but are ready to teach you everything they know”.

Ruben Alvarez is the Founder of The Marketing Hunters and Brand Masters. To learn more about him, visit his website: https://www.rubenalvarez.com/

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