A Review of FollowFox — The Only Instagram Marketing Agency You Will Need

Instagram has over one billion – yeah, one BILLION monthly active users. I know, right? Took us a while to get our heads around that one too. It’s crazy. No wonder, then, that so many people choose to promote themselves – whether on a personal level, influencer or as a business or service – on Instagram. 

All very well and good in theory, but attracting the followers you need on Instagram in order to compete with the rest is easier said than done. It’s massively competitive – and the time and effort needed to secure followers and IG growth is no small task. 

Nowadays, we all have busy lives. Whether you’re holding down a full time job, have a family to take care of or anything else, not many of us have the luxury of time needed to grow our Instagram accounts to the extent that would make them a success. It’s pain-staking and can take months – or years – to do.

Step up Instagram Growth services. We’ve all heard of them, know they exist and what they claim to do, but which of them actually can offer real, genuine growth that won’t see our accounts getting blocked and money taken out of our accounts as a result? We had the same question, too! FollowFox seems to be the talk of the Instagram-growth-town at the minute, and we thought we’d review it to see how it works.

How To Use FollowFox

The first thing that probably comes to mind when you think of Instagram growth services is bots. Incidentally, this is the very thing that puts people OFF using such services, as they notoriously lead to people’s accounts becoming suspended.

You can imagine our curiosity, then, when we discovered that FollowFox uses 100% human-powered methods of growing your Instagram. You’re probably thinking to yourself “how?” – well, just as you would do yourself, if you had the time and/or inclination. 

FollowFox’s service broken down into steps:

Step one: Think carefully about which plan will work best for you. FollowFox has three available: Personal, Influencer and Business. All pretty self-explanatory. 

Step two: After signing up and completing your marketing objective form, you’ll be assigned both an Account Manager and a Growth Expert. 

Step three: Your Account Manager will be your point of contact, and he or she will go through your target audience and growth objectives with you, and be available any time needed to answer any questions you may have. Once they have your target audience and growth objectives, your Growth Expert will find REAL IG users to engage with your page.

Step four: Check your personal dashboard to see your weekly, monthly and yearly growth.

FollowFox Pros

Now this is going to be an easy category to write. We honestly were super impressed with FollowFox and the many great features they offer. To name a few:

Two dedicated members of the team

Not only do you get one, but TWO members of the super knowledgeable FollowFox team assigned to help you. Your Account Manager will be your point of contact for anything and everything related to your Instagram growth, and will relay all relevant information to your Growth Expert, who will work exclusively on growing your Instagram account with real followers with a genuine interest in your page, business or service.

Designed to suit your individual requirements

There could be any number of reasons you are looking to grow your Instagram. Luckily, FollowFox has three different plans that encompass whatever they may be. Whether you have a personal IG and you want it to attract more attention, are an influencer looking to increase your followers, or a business wanting to attract more custom, FollowFox will tailor the service you receive to the type of growth you are looking to gain.

Real, organic growth

FollowFox doesn’t just try to get you any old followers. No no! They specifically grow your Instagram with real, targeted followers who are likely to be interested in your page. 

FollowFox Cons

Eh, we’re struggling here. While we try to offer balanced reviews and look at the negatives as well as the positives, we’re not able to come up with much in terms of cons for FollowFox! They really are absolutely genuine, and are able to demonstrate great results in terms of Instagram growth. But alright, seen as you’ve pushed us…

Hard to predict exact timeline for growth

Hardly a con but it’s all we could come up with. As FollowFox secure real, organic growth in terms of followers who will really be interested in your IG, it’s hard to predict exactly how much growth (or how many followers) you’ll receive by which stage. Having said that, growth can still happen very quickly.


There are lots of different Instagram growth agencies online, as we mentioned. As a result, prices are competitive in general and don’t tend to vary *that* much. What does vary, though, is the level of service you get for the money you’re paying. For example, paying $89 a month for a ‘growth’ service that doesn’t actually get you any real followers could be labelled as extortionate. On the other hand, $89 a month for a IG growth service that REALLY works is actually pretty good value for money. 

FollowFox falls into the latter category. Their pricing is as follows: Personal – $59 per month. Influencer – $89, and Business – $229. And don’t forget for that you get two members of the team assigned to you and REAL growth achieved.

What We Love About FollowFox

As you’ve probably already guessed, we’re fans of FollowFox. Here are the aspects of their service that we liked the most:

Customer service

The team at FollowFox literally cannot do enough to help you. Always super quick to respond, they will address any and all questions you have and keep you apprised of all growth developments. They are also extremely knowledgeable and know exactly what they are doing.

Growth rate

While it’s true that, as mentioned above, it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact time that a certain amount of growth will be achieved, it’s fair to say that growth in terms of followers can happen pretty fast. 

Targeting options

Leading on from the above, growth is achieved in a timely way due to the fact that the FollowFox team will target people and accounts that are most likely to show an interest in your page or product, resulting in real, organic growth.

FollowFox Review Conclusion

We can be harsh critics when we need to be, as there’s so much choice available in terms of Instagram growth services that you have to be. But we’re pleased to say that on this occasion, there’s not much to be harsh about. FollowFox really is a genuine, hard-working IG growth service that goes the extra mile in order to offer the best customer service they can, together with real, organic, relevant Instagram growth. We recommend them if you’re looking to build up your IG but are lacking the time or inclination to do so. 

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