A Rising Star Grabs the Attention! Aayushi Rajput Emerges as an Innovative Model

It is a very tough competition out there, yet grabbing all the attention is Aayushi Rajput

Looking up all the trendy things on the Internet, trying to match with the aesthetics of the present world? You must really be inspired by a character, an individual, or just by the beauty trend in general. One cannot certainly deny that the fashion industry and the modelling industry has become very influential in the present day, since almost everyone looks up to them for following a certain kind of lifestyle. To look at it from a different angle, it also makes a lot of difference in the lives of people were actually involved in the industry. To bring up the modelling industry in general is to make sure that mentions are being made of Aayushi Rajput.

It is a very tough competition out there, yet grabbing all the attention is Aayushi Rajput, an influential model from Noida. The journey from a beginner to a professional capable of portraying herself through fashion weeks was certainly not an easy one, going through every hurdle like a pro was Aayushi Rajput.

“When I first started to make proper use of my passion and talents, I was met with a lot of disappointment in the form of fraud. There were a lot of people out there who wanted to borrow money and not actually help me establish myself in the industry, yet I never lost hope. How could I? There was only one goal in my mind, and it was to work hard and become someone well known in the modelling industry.” Explains Aayushi Rajput.

After facing a lot of backlash from particular individuals and opinions too, Aayushi Rajput decided it was enough, she had to do something before it was too late. Hence she joined the talent factory agency, this is where she first realised how she needs to carry herself and allow herself to explore the different trends of the fashion. She was quick to catch up, and then everything went uphill. This was not the end of her training, certainly, and she even went forward to join the new talent model grooming school where she completely groomed and transformed herself, becoming near to a professional.

Aayushi Rajput expresses her joys, “I think I would really like to thank my mentor Mr Tarun Rajput, he showed me a lot about how to get things done. I don’t know where I would have been without him. What a truly wonderful experience!”

Some of her mention worthy achievements are in prestigious ramp shows like Uttarakhand Fashion Week, Lucknow Fashion Week, universal bridal Fashion Week, Lucknow times, Delhi Fashion Week, and a number of popular fashion shoots that have been featured in several places.

With the ultimate dream to get selected in India’s best modelling agency purple thoughts, Aayushi Rajput has proved herself by being assigned along with purple thoughts. Although there is a lot of gratitude that she needs to show towards her family for supporting her through everything, she also has to thank herself a million times because it was ultimately her who managed to emerge as one of the most innovative and influential models. Next stop fbb miss Femina! Make sure you stay updated with her social media handles to know more.

Matthew Thomas

Written by Matthew Thomas

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