A Small Town boy, Yuvraj Raghuvanshi is an Emerging Star on the Social Media Circuit

Everyone has heard about the story of a middle-class guy struggling hard to achieve his dreams, there are a billion examples and Yuvraj Raghuvanshi is one of those middle-class guys who has built his career by hustling and working hard for years. He became a leader, a top-notch successful Entrepreneur, and a Digital Marketer in this Competitive Digital era.

Yuvraj is a Mumbai based Entrepreneur, digital marketer and IT expert, providing niche services in the Film and Television Industry. He is an expert in the IT field and has made a big name in the digital marketing world.

Yuvraj Raghuvanshi specializes in managing profiles of top celebrities in the film and T.V Industry. He does not endorse any other brands or agencies or even outsource marketing. As a social media influencer and marketing strategist, he promotes social messages, movies and brands videos on social media with his influencer network across India.

Yuvraj works for the Indian Film Industry and Television Industries celebrities to enhance and increase their online popularity by creating podcasts, videos, images, web series, or other digital assets that they sell online or portray in front of their audience on a digital platform.
Yuvraj currently deals with more than 500+ clients in India as well as overseas.

Great to see young talent like Yuvraj Raghuvanshi under 25 taking India on Global platforms as an entrepreneur with pride. Today he is working with big names in Bollywood and Television Industry.

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