A Success Checklist: Alex Mills to Release The Agency Shop App Download to Help Fellow Entrepreneurs with Success Strategies for Free

Like in any industry, transparency is important – Alex is an entrepreneur, and leads a normal everyday life just like the business owners he works with. Part of having a successful marketing relationship is trusting the people you work with, which is why Alex strives to cultivate meaningful relationships (not just the ones that look good on a resume).

“Our Marketing Success Dashboard was my realization that many entrepreneurs, and even marketing heads, are so busy with day-to-day operations or putting out fires that they often fall short on time to truly reevaluate their marketing efforts and explore new channels.” – Alex Mills

What happens when you don’t put good advice first? The things you don’t know may end up costing you more money in the end. For example in 2019, global ad spending exceeded $563 billion, and this increase has been seen year over year for the last decade.

The approach is working because reports indicate that 31% of people looking for a business online find it through ads – 31% click on the ad, 27% search for the brand/service/product, 21% type the name directly into their browser, and 9% conduct independent research. The result is money well spent using the direction of an expert in the field. Without it, dollar signs go straight to the garbage.

Coschedule conducted a survey, asking businesses if they think their marketing strategies are successful. 56% of respondents said that they do think their strategy is “somewhat successful,” with only a fraction of the respondents showing confidence in their campaigns with a “very successful” (11%) response. Why aren’t more businesses confident in what they are doing?

The Marketing Success Dashboard

“I made this Marketing Success Dashboard to ensure businesses aren’t frivolously wasting money on channels that aren’t driving revenue; and simultaneously direct them towards spending their dollars where it will count most.” – Alex Mills

After scaling several of his businesses on his own, Alex Mills realized his passion and knack for driving revenue through marketing. After many attempts at using in-app dashboards, reports, and excel sheets, he decided to build out the current version of our Marketing Success Dashboard.

As a bonus, it is available free to download. This platform allows anyone to visualize their marketing efforts and explore all channels at a glance for the actionable insights necessary to scale a business. After working with numerous businesses, we discovered how powerful this dashboard was for business owners.

Ad Type Matters

While working with an equipment rental company, we discovered that their services would benefit greatly from showing up at the top of a Google search for specific products and rentals – instead of putting the ad in front of just anyone online. We were then able to drastically increase the company’s revenue by switching from Facebook ads to Google ads.

“I had a home maintenance client who had exhausted their cold calling efforts and customers were starting to get unsettled by the frequency of the calls they were receiving. We replaced this with alternative marketing campaigns, specifically on YouTube and TikTok, to qualified leads without spending very much money. Shout out to the YouTube and TikTok algorithm!” -Alex Mills

Double Down Facebook Strategy

One of our real estate customers was pounding the pavement looking for leads and getting minimum results for their efforts. We convinced them to drop their cold calling strategy and double down on Facebook. When we reallocated their marketing efforts to Facebook, it created more revenue and eliminated the time they spent fixing their old, low-performing sales process. They are now preparing to explore other social channels in the dashboard with an increased budget.

Dashboard Features

The Marketing Success Dashboard features everything from customization to worker classification. These features allow businesses to focus less on logistics and more on their strategy. The features businesses benefit from the most include (but are not limited to):

  • Success Checklist to gauge digital marketing health
  • Unlimited, free strategy sessions to help you succeed
  • Checklist progress with progress tracker
  • Hire experts with Together App
  • Keep organized through the management centre
  • Analytics and reporting in one place
  • Tips and articles to learn new skills for success
  • Success stories from people all over the internet
  • Testimonials from Agency Shop users

Our platform includes  a dashboard featuring our coveted Success Checklist capable of helping businesses at any level to gauge the health of their digital marketing. This list includes categories of Social Media Setup, Marketing Strategy Session, SEO & Blogs, Facebook Ad Manager, Email Marketing, Google Adwords, Press and Publications, Marketing (Other), Rewards Program, and Affiliate Program. All of these can be seen in action by requesting a demo of the Agency Shop services!

Using Experience to Direct Others

“I had to show business owners the alternative marketing strategies that they hadn’t heard of or never considered. I strongly believe that outside experience acts like mentorship and is crucial to shortcut trial-and-error phases.” – Alex Mills

After years of experience, Alex realized that marketing success wasn’t only dependent on the size of your marketing budget but where those dollars were spent, including how creative you could be with those limited resources. By simply evaluating and reallocating marketing dollars, he found companies could generate 10X revenue without having to increase marketing budgets.

“With a solid return on investment (ROI), we see marketing budgets increase, and the money starts pouring in” – Alex Mills.

It was not magic; all that was required was to measure the ROI of each digital marketing channel effectively and explore underutilized channels according to data-driven insights. While other agencies choose to push selling their cookie-cutter framework, he realized we’re now capable of re-ingesting with the amount of data. It makes more sense to trial as many outlets as possible with a data-driven, custom-fit approach.

Alex chose to partner with Francis Etuk, founder of Together Agency, because he could see the value in the Logo To Profit approach that Francis pursues for clients. With goals aligned, Alex and Francis have not only built a dashboard, app, and more toward helping with business development – but a friendship and partnership that goes beyond the lines of traditional business relations.

We’ve noticed a trend holding back businesses from reaching their potential – from small businesses hesitating to expand their reach or established businesses worried about testing new channels versus focusing on what seems to be working. It’s no wonder why only 22% of business owners are content with their current marketing results.

After witnessing this approach work for any business, whether e-commerce, brick and mortar, digital service agency, or marketplace, we are confident in recommending that businesses explore their options.

If a business is profitable with 1-2% conversion from advertising on their current advised marketing channels, they may not evaluate this spending as it’s a working formula. However, if they tested a suite of channels and discovered they could be receiving 10-20% conversion somewhere else, they would want to reevaluate their budget accordingly.

In this situation, we can push spending there and generate up to 10X revenue overnight. To make this concept as simple as possible, Alex conceptualized and created the Marketing Success Dashboard so that entrepreneurs can follow this exact procedure on their own – and have access to it for free.

What the Agency Shop App Can Do For You

A good marketing strategy is hard to come by – especially with so many people in the world spouting knowledge they don’t genuinely have. When working with your digital ad space, the Agency Shop App focuses on one of three CTAs – personalized just for you via traffic, lead generation, and conversion:

  • The goal of traffic ads is to get consumers on your webpage. These help to create brand awareness and engagement with your consumers – but aren’t necessarily great for producing sales or loyal consumers. There is a benefit to increasing traffic – getting your name out there!
  • Lead generation ads gather information on those customers who click them. Who is visiting? How do they prefer being contacted? What do they want to see? Knowledge is the best tool when building a brand and executing it.
  • Conversion ads are pretty self-explanatory – these ads convert traffic to paying customers on your site.

The thing to keep in mind is that marketing strategies can use one of the above or a combination of all the above – it depends on the goals you set with your marketing campaign. Even if you aren’t sure where to start, that is what the Agency Shop is here for, guiding you through the process and helping implement the right strategies with the right professionals behind the wheel.

Find the Agency Shop Online

Having an online presence is important, especially in 2022. Practicing what we preach, the Agency Shop app is currently working to build the same online presence we wish to help others create. You can find the Agency Shop at https://www.agencyshopmarketing.com/.

Like the Upwork structure – without the Upwork work, the Agency Shop app puts businesses in touch with those digital marketing professionals we have thoroughly vetted. These professionals offer high-quality services for a low cost – essentially unheard of in this industry.

Social media is also on fire (not literally), and if you want to have an online presence, you need to have social accounts. For example, you can find the Agency Shop on Instagram at @youragencyshop. Here is where we keep you up-to-date on all matters pertaining to the marketing industry – plus exciting announcements!

You can also follow the founder on Instagram – Alex (@mralexandermills).

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