A successful rap artist, author and a community activist, Swagg Dinero has excelled in all. 

He has swept music lovers off their feet with his talent and won a million hearts with his social giving, read on to know the story behind Swagg Dinero.

We have seen a few blessed souls who in spite of reaching the pinnacles of success in their respective careers had their feet firmly grounded and they even went ahead in creating an impact in people’s lives through their social initiatives. Today we talk about one such individual who has not only topped in his music career but has even gone out of his way to help community members through his noble causes.

He is the American powerhouse of rap talent from Chicago, Swagg Dinero born as John Coleman. He is a fine example of how one can attain glory by staying focused and keep moving ahead despite the setbacks that life puts forth in front of us.

When asked about what made him dwell deep into the ocean of music that he emerged as a fine artist whose work created a history of sorts by garnering an unexpected number of fan following, he answers, “some incidents create a deep impact on your lives and you are forced to move in a particular direction, same happened with me when I lost my brother Lil Jojo in an untoward incident which turned my life upside down.

The trauma set deep inside me and to tackle my inner ghosts, I started getting involved with music, which turned out to have a positive impact on my career.” Today, he has been listed amongst one the most talented rap/hip hop artists whose music has garnered a huge fan following, and his music videos on YouTube, especially the one with his brother, ‘Have It All’ have hit a million views and still growing with each passing day, giving enough proof of his popularity.

Now that he has arrived on the music scene, he has started focussing on his charity activism by taking part in various community events like Turkey Giveaways, Toy Drives, Celebrity Basketball Games, and Back To School Supplies Giveaways and has also established multiple businesses to help in providing employment to community members. Apart from this, he has also turned to write and published his book ‘Bar None’. “I’m also looking forward to starting my journey as an actor coming spring,” concludes Swagg Dinero.

To know more about him, follow his Instagram @1swaggdinero.

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