A Sustainable Gaming Revolution Has Started with $100M Worth of Kindling


Game7, an Autonomous Institution, is devoted to ensuring the Web3 gaming industry is sustainable through equitable and fair practices. Their goal is to create and gamify a community passionate about shaping the future of gaming, funding builders, and supporting creators. Their treasury is designed to invest in infrastructure, tools, communities, and games. 

Yesterday, they announced a new grant program that is offering $100M to take Web3 gaming projects to the next level. They have a list of ideas they hope to fund but are open to hearing what everyone is building. 

The March Toward the Metaverse

In these dark days of crypto, the vibe behind the scenes is still electric. Builder communities haven’t skipped a beat and the BlockFi chapter 11 news seemed to come and go with the breeze. The march toward the metaverse isn’t slowing and Game7 seems to want to pick up the pace. Game7 is also responsible for the Gamer Forum, established to encourage collaboration that will solve challenges for Web3 builders. 

A host of notable partners are working with Game7 including Avalanche, Solana Ventures, BitDAO, and Forte among many others. 

While Game7 says they’ve already received over 100 applications it’s not too late to make yours shine. Some areas of interest currently include game development, smart contracts and standards, core infrastructure, and community management.

Make Stuff and Things Happen

What they offer is more than just a bag of funds. The goal is to absorb developers into the community. They provide milestone-based funding, technical support, mentoring, and first serve access to initiatives in the Game7 ecosystem. Builders already in the Web3 space understand how important a support team is. Very little can be done alone but with a large crew on the backend, stuff and things happen. 

Time to Apply

Projects on any blockchain are welcome. They specifically mentioned looking for well thought out milestones for funding. Applicants should have a road map and carefully crafted numbers in mind to compete. 

There is a wallet connect feature to avoid spamming and bots but no transaction or fees will take place. Applicants will also need to undergo a KYC process. If you or your team have innovative open-source infrastructure that can propel Web3 gaming forward, it’s time to take a break from building and apply. As for Game7, all eyes are on them to see how their initiatives progress and if they can light the fire Web3 gaming needs to get hot.


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