A Tap Away to the Future with Jim Clouse

Search  engines, Google, Bing, etc. require that you type keywords to determine what you’re looking for. For millennials that’s not so much an issue, but what about the baby boomers?

What about people who have a hard time with the internet? They have lived a different life and didn’t grow up accustomed to technology like we did. That’s why founders like Jim Clouse from ClikitySplit gives users complete control over their mobile experience by tapping without having to type to search online.  ClikitySplit is 99.9% tapping with typing only required to change the default map that is displayed at login based on the visitor’s current GPS location.

What are the benefits of tapping vs typing?

Complete Control

Imagine having  total control over your mobile experience, solely determining what displays on your smartphone and how long it displays without having any annoying ads popping up on your screen. Most searches today are typing, but for some users who aren’t as tech savvy, tapping works best.

Something like ClikitySplit requires only tapping, a much faster alternative to typing. As a business owner, you can swiftly compare your status with competitors within the same category and subcategory. The unique sorting features of ClikitySplit provide end users with an enriched experience due to the ability to start a new search by just tapping with all “push” advertising prohibited. 

Not only that but you can also build your own “dynamic billboards” in just 20 to 25 minutes, utilizing a variety of rich multimedia tools, such as video, audio, slideshow, scrolling ticker marketing message, etc., as well as 10,000 characters of text.

Restaurants can showcase their happy hour special or run special “Hot Deals” by changing the content of their dynamic billboard in just 2-3 minutes to drive traffic and fill those empty seats. Each time a business updates the contents of its dynamic billboard, those changes are immediately pushed to its followers’ smartphone, Facebook timeline, and Twitter feed.

Dynamic Billboards & Analytics

The use of tapping boasts the unique ability to capture accurate “narrowcast analytics”—the holy grail of marketing—which has previously been an unattainable goal of every marketer. This is considered the most potent tool of gathering  critical decision-influencing information. . 

Every time an end user accesses a business’s proprietary “dynamic billboard,” each interaction is captured. Consequently, “true narrowcast analytics” are emailed to business management at midnight allowing for the careful assessment of their marketing endeavors.  


Through the differentiation of businesses, business owners can gauge their performance and competitors, see the public’s demands and generate a plan of action to meet demand. Moreover, businesses learn how to “out-fox & out-market” their competitors through the website’s guidance.

Advertisers with the deepest pockets no longer control things–the playing field is finally leveled. The winners are not only those savvy marketers, but also end-users who benefit from businesses competing against each other to offer special sales promotions that seize attention and earn the end user’s patronage. Finally, individuals from the two ends of the spectrum are on common ground.

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