A “Unique” Opportunity for the Average Person to Jump into the World’s Most Exclusive NFTs

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We’ve all seen celebrities and influencers flexing their NFT collections and profile pics. Fortune Magazine’s list of the 50 most influential people in NFTs boasted names such as Mark Cuban, Jay-Z, and Grimes. Other famous holders include the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Shaq, and Eminem.

While it’s fun to sit by and watch the world of NFTs through the rich and famous, the hundred-thousand-dollar-plus price tags of Bored Apes and Cryptopunks are simply out of reach for most. This is where Unique Network is changing the game.

Greg Zaitsev, Unique Network’s CTO, points out, “There are millions of people who identify with this [Cryptopunk] trend but only 10,000 punks exist. How are they considered punk if only millionaires have access to them?” For Unique Network, the name of the game is accessibility. If the average person can share ownership of a vacation home, a car, or even a company, why not an NFT?

In their Punks for the People project, Unique Network is forging an epic quest that focuses on “democratization of premium digital assets.” To demonstrate their dedication to this mission and cross-chain technology, Unique Network purchased Cryptopunk #3042 with the intention of giving it away – for FREE.

The NFT will be migrated from Ethererum, fractionalized into thousands of pieces, and airdropped it to community members on Uniques’s native Quartz chain on Polkadot. By fractionalizing ownership of an expensive and highly exclusive NFT on Polkadot, everyday collectors and crypto enthusiasts can now actually be Cryptopunk owners and share it across different ecosystems. 

“Owning a piece of a valuable, iconic NFT like a Cryptopunk is no small feat. This process also grows and fortifies the community around ownership of a digital asset in a new way, which sets it apart from other NFT ownership models and holders,” Unique Network said. 

In addition to fractionalization, compatibility, and sustainability, Unique Network offers simple tools for NFT creators. No longer is a technical background required to share or create your own NFTs and fractionalize them how they see fit. Interoperability and sustainability are other important perks to mention about Unique Network. The platform offers compatibility across Polkadot, Kusama, and Ethereum, with the added bonus that Polkadot has a much lower carbon footprint than Ethereum. 

Now everyone can have the same opportunity to grow their business, express themselves creatively, and participate in the emerging NFT world. “There can be so much more to NFTs than simply being collectibles or profile pictures.

There is huge potential for this technology to change the way we do business, store and exchange value, organize societies, represent identity and capture uniqueness. If you could use NFT technology to digitize any asset, how would you leverage NFT technology? The future of NFTs in twenty years is limited only by your ambitions.“

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